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Q. I understand we have 3 options: 1) resell, where they buy something outright, no loan, in hopes of reselling at a higher price; 2) loan and 3) consign - no cash outlay "Will try to sell it and if it does, we'll split the proceeds, or I'll take a fee for selling it for you." No?

A: I would say the buy outright option would be best for items of obvious high value that can be had for a relatively low price. The shop owner doesn't want this item to be redeemed. The second option would be for pawns that clearly have value, but not high value. The consignment option would be for items that might have a hard time finding a buyer, or that add interest to the shop, but won't sell for much.

Factor into that the attitudes/desires of the pawner/consignor/seller. Is the pawner sure he or she will not want the item back? Is he or she thinking they might get a better deal if they place it for consignment?

Q. Can you get me back on track? When you said something to the effect that this shop program will contain features (helpful to shop owners) that other programs don't, to what are you referring?

A: Aged discounts, multiple settlement options, detailed consignor records and reports, consignments are not an after-thought tacked on to the shop software and neither are the pawns tacked onto the consignment software. They are both fully-featured components capable of supporting their respective operations on their own. In fact we sell them separately, but we also sell them together. Maybe that is the point to make.

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