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Let's reveal the best people-finder-address websites in the world and expose the worst.

'People search' has been a popular activity on the Internet since the latter's inception in January, 1983. People seeking to cash in on the search craze flooded the digital world with a variety of people-finder services - a few good ones but a herd of deceiving websites working endless schemes for profit.

The Best Free People Finders The Best Free People Finders

Time, evolution (and money) have allowed the best people-finder sites to rise to the top in search results and in usefulness. Advancements in computing power and capacity have made Google very efficient at reaching websites in every corner of the world, all the way down to New Zealand at 'the bottom of the Internet'. No piece of data residing on any computer (connected to the WWW and unblocked) is out of the reach of search-engine spiders crawling websites in search of quality content to be delivered to people looking for people.

To put it in perspective:

The Worst People-Finder Sites Reviews of the Worst People-Finder Sites

That leaves 'everyone else' - unfortunately an avalanche of people to expose for exploiting 'people search' in nefarious ways for financial gain. "c'est la vie"

Here are the common ploys:

Remove Myself How Do I Remove Myself From:

Facebook: If your information is in a Facebook profile just delete the profile. If information about you has been posted by someone else, first send a request to the person asking for the information to be removed. If that doesn't work report them to FB.

Whitepages: Legit Whitepages will remove information about you upon request. It's necessary to contact the right department within the white-pages website so search 'remove me' plus the domain name of the site.

Google Search: Tougher. Go to the website containing the information about you and look for a means of contacting the owner or representative of the organization. Request that the data be removed.


The number of useful people-finder web services is diminishing as Google increases it domination over all potential resources. If the number of websites attempting to get you to pay for people information were plotted against the number of legit search services, the pie chart would look the same as Google's domination of people-finder:

Likewise your quest for finding truly free people-finder services might begin and end with Google, and perhaps a handful of other 'major search engines' that lose ground to the monopoly every day. If you didn't find the people you seek in the top dog's database, there might be a 85 chance of finding them elsewhere.

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