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According to Internetworldstats there are nineteen million Facebook pages in Algeria with twenty-five million Internet users so roughly four out of five Algerians have FB profiles, making that site a trove of information to find someone in and from Algeria.

Allegedly a lot of people use 'fake names' or 'aliases' on FB but many also use their 'real names' so searching using the latter should return several possible matches of the person sought.

Go to and use the search box at the upper right to type in a person's name. If the name is somewhat common or too many possible matches are listed, try the search again and append some qualifiers like a town name or the name of a school the person may have attended, a place of work or some religious organization.

Other search parameters that might be helpful are prefixes (dr. Prince, etc.) and suffixes (Jr., Sr., etc.).

GG Search for People Google Search for Algerian People

GG has about ninety-seven percent of the market share over Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Yandex RU and others and that search engine has 'spidered' the majority of websites in Algeria so if a person's information resides on at least one website or electronic document (pdf, doc, etc.) it's likely that the person can be found by using GG search for people.

Go to and enter the name of the person or business. Use additional descriptors like complete names, addresses and phone numbers if known to help locate them.

There is an option in this site's advanced features to list one hundred websites per page which makes it possible to view ten times as much information on one page which in turn makes it possible to search for a specific name or word using ctl+F while viewing the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Instagram Search in Algeria Instagram Search in Algeria

Instagram isn't nearly as possible as FB in Algeria with an estimated number of users around three point six million, partly because there are fewer functions as compared to FB as IG is an image and video share system. Users can edit and upload their creations via a mobile application and can add a caption to each post with hash tags and location-based geo tags to make them findable by other IG members who can like, comment and bookmark shared content.

Seventy-five percent of users are someone in the age group of eighteen to thirty-four.

African migration Algerian Migration

Algerians have been forced to migrate across the globe in search of employment, safety and food. Search in All of Africa, Nigeria and South Africa for people from Algeria.

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