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The People Search Box below is provided by Intelius and is used most often when a people prove difficult to find. Free people search databases like AOL only contain the information that was placed there by those registering with AOL. People who don't wish to be found probably didn't sign up for AOL membership.

AOL has been around since the beginning of the Internet. No doubt a few million people have had an AOL email address at one time or another, and millions of others still do.

One of the ways to search for an AOL e-mail address is to simply search AOL or Google for the email address. If the address belonged to someone who was active on the Internet - either owning a website or operating a blog or posting in public forums (amongst other things), he or she may have put their AOL address in stone by placing it on a web page. This type of search is often referred to as a 'reverse search' because instead of searching for the person by name, the search is for the person's name using the email address as the search criteria.

Conversely, you might find an AOL email address or some other address for the person you seek just by searching for that person using his or her name in AOL and Google. MSN might be worth a try. If too many search results are returned, use a more specific name. Also append a 'negative search' to your search string like, Mary Smith -Maryland -Nebraska -New York. That will eliminate all pages returned for 'Mary Smith' that also have those state names on the web page.

By far the easiest way to find someone in a free database is to use WebSeekPro. Enter a name just once and search AnyWho, Bigfoot, InfoBel, InfoSpace, SuperPages, Switchboard, USA Global, USA by State and Yahoo!. WSP actually searches a total of 35 online resources of people information including plat (records, newspaper archives, Military, ancestral files, Immigration Records, the Atlas Index, the Genealogical Index. WSP is often used for genealogy searching and makes it much easier to locate and search little-known archives.

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