People Search Gambia

People Search Gambia

The archive contains more than 700,000 stories. Enter keywords in the box above to search the archive. You can search for several keywords, all of which must appear for a story to satisfy the search criteria. So a search on Nigeria President Obasanjo would only return pages that contain all three words.

Africa Onlineis part of the African Lakes Corporation group. African Lakes formed a joint venture (UUNET Africa) with UUNET SA in December 2000. UUNET SA, which is 100% owned by WorldCom in the United States, is the leading Internet-based network service provider in Southern Africa. This is the first alliance we have forged with a global player and it provides us with an upgraded network infrastructure benefiting both our private dial-up subscribers and our corporate clients. UUNET Africa launched its first operation in Kenya in June 2001.

The Gambia Directory is not a searchable database, but a directory listing of telephone numbers. Click on the letter below corresponding to the first letter of the person for which you seek to view all listings beginning with that letter.

This is the Telephone, FAX & Telex Directory. The entire site is written in English, which is the official language of Africa's Republic. On this people search site, visitors can find an alphabetical telephone listing or search a name or a telephone number, as well as a complete list of Gambian telex numbers (with instructions on how to call from other countries). The telex listing gives subscriber names, the city code, and the telex number and answer back. Other links on the Directory page include the Telephone Directory and Internet search engines.

The home page offers links to Yellow Pages, maps, and a myriad of Gambian and other information sources. Additionally, this country offers a very popular Internet advertising service, as well as website registration, creation and hosting.

In 1984, Limited (Gamtel) was incorporated as a private limited liability co. It is the only fixed line operator in the Republic. Gamtel also runs the Department and Cable & Wireless PLC. In 1995, Gamtel expanded to add a paging service called Tamanding, an Internet Gateway, and a nationwide television and radio service (GRTS). Currently, Gamtel has a little over 1,000 employees.

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