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About Find People Search Software

With the surge in popularity of people-information databases, it has become difficult to know who they all are and where to find them. Then there's the drudgery of going from one website to the next, entering the same name and going through the same procedures.

Find People Search Software takes the stress out of finding people and information about them online. It gathers together 35 of the most popular and largest data repositories and organizes them neatly on your Desktop - no more searching for databases - just searches for people.

This people-search software guarantees that it will install on your computer and conduct searches successfully. It can not guarantee that the person or persons you are trying to locate will be found in any of the 35 databases. Just like a filing cabinet, in order to find what you are looking for, it must first exist in the cabinet, or online, the information must have been entered by someone at some time in the past.

On the other hand, there are literally millions of people entering and sharing information about others so even if a person no longer has a pulse, records about them surely exist. Yes, some of the possible searches are in obituaries, newspapers, birth records, ancestral files, immigration and naturalization records - even U.S. census.

As an added service, Find People Search Software rounds up some of the free well-known directories like Yahoo, Info USA, Bigfoot, Switchboard and SuperPages, making it possible to enter a name just once and search all of them right from your desktop. No doubt it's already occurred to you that this software will save a considerable amount of time looking for databases (and using them separately).

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