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Kids Stuff Consignment, Florence, MA- Tsk! Tsk!

Vile Business Practices at Kids Stuff

Anyone who is doing business or is considering doing business with the owner of this establishment had best think twice.

In 2010 proprietor Tami Schirch purchased a software program to run her consignment business. The program was reasonably priced and there were no games with ongoing fees for this reason or that.

There were no forced annual or monthly support fees. It was agreed that there would only be payment for support when support.

Well and good... Couldn't be happier! Six (6) years passed and not a word from Schirch. No complaints, no accolades and certainly no reports of 'glitches'.

Finally it became necessary to contact the software provider for help. Help was provided but because the session was brief the usual $29 flat fee was reduced to $10 to cover the cost of the service call - quite generous.

Oh, but you could have heard the grumbling clear over into Connecticut.

The first push back was that the answer provided wasn't useful.

When that feeble attempt failed, then came the accusation that the software had been 'glitchy' from the start. It was pointed out that in addition to a low price and no annual support fees, the vendor quite generously had been providing free software updates all along and always stood ready to update the software to remedy 'glitches'. It was pointed out that the decision to not update the software and resolve any issues was not a shortcoming of the software or the vendor, who again was being quite generous.

Mind you this row is all over $10 (ten dollars)...

Having failed in negotiations, Schirch stooped to writing a scathing review at a software website, giving the lowest possible ratings for product, ease of use and customer service - after having been completely satisfied for 6 years with everything up to the point of getting billed $10 for help - as agreed.

It's very sad that legitimate businesses who bend over backwards to provide great products and minimal cost can still be villified by villans like Schirch who not only don't appreciate all that has been done for them, but who will go to any length to prove themselves right and save ten bucks.

Stand for decency and justice. Visit these websites and leave your comments, your protests against villans using the internet to harm good business people: