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About Free MSN People Search

Search MSN for people's a Boyfriend, competitors' updates, or membership numbers with WebSeekPro. Common websites like Lycos and ZenSearch are many. Web Seek Pro finds searchable websites (similar to Info Space and Starting Point) and puts them into one inventive way of allowing your time to be spent finding people, not search sites.

People Search MSN

Locate people's debtors, schools, competitors' updates and many search details.

MSN People Search might be a phrase used by those who are somewhat unfamiliar with the role of search engines on the worldwideweb. The primary function of search engines like MSN is to index web pages (which includes forums, blogs, rss and news feeds, etc. - just about anything connected to the Internet via web-page links). The fact that people show up in search results is somewhat of a secondary happening as names of people and their contact information will only be presented if that information is recorded on a web page and that information has been found and indexed by at least one search engine.

Find People in MSN

Find People using MSN just as you would find any other information, by entering a person's name as a search phrase in the MSN search box and clicking Search. A seach for a common name will return thousands if not millions of web pages, not only because the name is common, but also because the search results will include every page (that has been indexed) which contains any of the words (names) used in the search phrase.

MSN People Finder

MSN People Finder will return fewer web pages if the person's name is included in double quotation marks, like "Edgar Allan Wilson". Without quotation marks over 2.6 million web pages are returned with that name on them. With quote marks, only 12 web pages are displayed as having that exact name on them. Of course for uncommon names it may be beneficial if not preferential to not use quotation marks so there will be a greater variety of results to look through. Also it might be helpful to use words associated with the person being sought, like the name of the high school he or she attended, a maiden name or a branch of the service if that is known.

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