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Webmasters caught on early that by offering free services (like people search) would bring lots of traffic to their website where they could then generate revenue, not by selling information about people, but by selling ad space and products related (and not related) to people search. If you've ever wondered why any business would go to the expense of building and maintaining an information database, take a look at such a site on your next visit and observe all of the things 'for sale' - particularly in the 'first fold' (the first viewable screen without scrolling down).

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Searching for a person using his or her physical address is known as a 'reverse search' - reverse meaning opposite of the usual form of searching which is to use a person's name to find an address. Prior to the Internet the only way to conduct such a serach was to visit the local county court house and look up the address. Even then it was the owner of the property whose name was listed - not necessarily the person living at the addresss.

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Today computerization has made the keeping of huge databases possible and the Internet has made it possible to share and access those records. 'People search' was recognized immediately as a popular Internet search phrase so many jumped on the people-search bandwagon, rushing to develope websites based upon the search of information about people. Today all phone companies publish the white pages and other websites unrelated to the phone business also build and maintain databases of people information, including email and mailing addresses.


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