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Using Software to Find People Online

Over the years several useful databases have been developed which store information about people - their names, email and mailing addresses, their telephone and fax numbers. Of course each database was developed independently so formats vary from one to the next and they are scattered literally throughout the world.

People Finders Software (aka 'WebSeekPro') rounds up 35 of the major worldwide databases and organizes them into one easy-to-use software interface. This search software makes it possible to enter a name just once then click on several sources for people information.

Using WSP to search for people is a very cost-efficient method of searching. One of its many advantages is that this finders program lets you know (without one second wasted on searching) who the databases are and where they are located - on your Desktop! There is no other people-finding software like it. WSP performs real searches rather than providing only links to search websites.

People Finders Software also save money, particularly for businesses which must conduct many searches daily (for a variety of reasons). Everyone from bill collectors to bail bondsmen, classmates to inmates, use WSP to locate missing persons or past acquaintances.

These are some of the countries included in the search: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, UK/Ireland and the USA. Other nations are represented as well.

This search program accesses these information centers: Ancestral Files, Birth Records, Atlas Indexes, Canadian Immigrants, Book Indexes, Church Records, International Genealogical Index, Cemetery Lists, Naturalization Records, Land Records, Obituaries, Passenger Lists, Newspapers, Tax/Voter Lists, Plat Records, U.S. Census

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