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The People Search Box below is provided by Intelius and is used most often when a person or persons is or are difficult to find. Free people search databases only contain the information that was placed there by someone. People who don't want to be found do go around the Internet signing up for memberships in People Finder Databases.

Nonetheless there are millions if not billions of records of people information stored in searchable databases. The difficulties are knowing about the databases, where to find them and then having to enter the person's name you seek multiple times.

There's a very inexpensive (like under $10) search program called WebSeekPro which allows users to enter a name just once and search 35 different online sources for people information. One of the great services provided by the software is that it identifies the major free data resources and compiles them into one user interface. Basically all users have to do is 'click and search' - no more wasting time looking for data resources - more time spent looking for and finding information about people.

WebSeekPro does something else that's of great value. It uncovers some of the really hard-to-find, little-known sources of information like newspaper archives, plat (land) records, ancestral files, the Atlas Index, Immigration Records, Military, the Genealogical Index. WSP is used extensively for genealogy research and makes it much easier to locate and search arcane archives.

Even at less than $10, WSP still comes with a money-back guarantee. The program is guaranteed to install and search properly, the program itself is a search tool, not a database, therefore, it does not contain any information about people. It is not guaranteed that the databases searched will contain information about the person or persons you're looking for. The ten bucks is a one-time payment and the program can be used for a lifetime. It's a pretty good deal for people searching.

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