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California (Ca) is located on the Pacific coast of North America with total area of 58,302 sq. mi. (410,000 kmē) which makes it the third largest state by area. Ca. borders Oregon, the Pacific Ocean, Arizona, Nevada and the Mexican state of Baja. Ca's capital is Sacramento and its four largest cities are San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. Ca is known for its Mediterranean climate and diverse ethnicity.

The state's name "California" is derived from a storied paradise peopled by black Amazons, ruled by Queen Califia. It is originally referred to the whole region composed of the current Cal., plus all or parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming and the Baja California formerly known as Mexican Peninsula.

CA is the most populous state of United States of America. It is one of the most ethnically diverse and has an estimated population of 37,172,015 (as of 2006). The population is 12% Asian, 7.5% African-American and 1% Native Indian.

"California has become the first American state where there is no majority race, and we're doing just fine. If you look around the room, you can see a microcosm of what we can do in the world. You should be hopeful on balance about the future, but it's like any future since the beginning of time -- You're going to have to make it." - Bill Clinton people search    © 2001-2015 Free People Search

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