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With seventeen million square miles and 4.5 billion people, Asia is a large land mass and population to search for people, but thanks to powerful computers with massive storage space and processing capabilities, locating someone in Asia is way easier than it was pre Internet.

Searching for many people in Asia is now no more than the simple task of opening a browser and using a name, address, phone number or email address (as well as other identifying information) to see what the major search engines have discovered in the 24/7 'spidering' of websites worldwide. That's a lot of heavy lifting to provide the convenience of clacking keys on a keyboard.

To demonstrate, search for people you know, or search for yourself. What comes up? Too much? Not enough?

If there are too many possible matches to the query, make the inquiry more specific by using a more complete name and/or encase the name in quotation marks - single or double produce the same result. Use the same name and append a location like a city or provincial name (where people have been known to reside or visit).

People who have crossed borders (legally) have left a 'paper trail' that is now in e form that can be searched completely 100% free (with proper authorization).

If there are too few search returns, user a more broad search parameter like last name only.

Reverse Address Lookup Asia Reverse Address Lookup

Search capabilities have become much more useful in that any pieces of information known (or suspected) about people can be used as search values. Addresses can be entered in search fields to see in people or businesses associated with the address (past or present) appears in search results. Email addresses can be 'reverse searched' to see to whom the address belongs.

Image Search Asia Image Search

Another more interesting type of reverse search is searching by images. On the search page of a major search engine, point to or upload an image - of anything - people, buildings, objects, paintings...

Given the infant nature of this type of search, the majority of results are the search facility returning 'close matches' without really nailing down an exact match - but it can happen.

As rapidly as 'facial recognition' is improving, it surely will one day be possible to search using a photo of a 25-year-old and have pictures returned of the same person at age 50, 60, and beyond.


The enormity of Asia in area and number of people has been shrunk by computers to relatively small databases that yes, may cover 5 acres, but tiny compared to the size of the task of compressing information about Asians into machines. How magnificent to access those computers from anywhere in the world (and now from space) and quickly comb for details about people and businesses from the convience of our keyboards. Truly an enchanted era in communication and data sharing.

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