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Find 100% True Free People Search Find 100% True Free People Search

The extent of the effort made by scammers using the word 'free' as click bait (leading to paid search services) is as annoying to people seekers as mosquitos are to caribou. One way to find true free search and avoid chasing down allies that lead to paid search services (in the USA and internationally) is to look for websites claiming 'free people search no credit card required' or 'no charge'.

Best Free People Finders The Best Free People Finders

The two best international people finders are completely free to search: Google and Facebook. Both provide advanced search (in the United States and globally) beyond peoples' names, addresses
, ages and phone numbers.

Literally anything and everything that has been placed in a database about someone could be revealed in Google free-people-search results including images, videos, news and shopping.

Facebook's free people finder is a similar totally-free site. It doesn't show the number of matches but shows pictures if present. Search returns can be advanced by including known data about the target like schools attended, location, vocation and events.

Online People Search Online People Search Secrets

A 'secret' way to search for people is to use the following in the browser's address bar: "Online True People Search" using quotes or not, replacing '' with the domain name of the site.

This technique may be a way to extract data about people that may not come up using the search function provided on searchable websites.

Application: A people-search site displays some limited information about a person, confirming that there is information on the site about the person. Applying the 'secret search' might lead to additional details spanning more pages than just the one presented in search results.

International People Search Engines International People Search Engines

Regional search engines focusing on local people may have more details about people than international search engines that don't delve deeply into foreign databases. (Search engines 'crawl' a website very quickly (seconds). The delve is usually shallow so 'deep web pages' discovered by local search robots may not be found by the mega searchers.)

Area search services are available internationally if local governments or search services haven't blocked Internet access. (Google for example blocks access to China, North Korea and others. China blocks Google.)

A way to find search engines targeting geographic areas is to search for them using the region's name and associated terms like 'people search USA'.

People Search App People Search App

'App' of course is an abbreviation for 'application' suggesting software. At one time there was an app named 'WebSeekPro' which installed on computers, searched multiple people-search websites and arranged findings on one screen. That app appears to be discontinued.

Searching for 'people search app' returns the usual attempts by website owners to attract traffic to their websites but it appears there are no apps which are true 'software' that can be purchased and used for unlimited search to locate people.

Search for Bad Guys and Inmates Search for Bad Guys and Inmates

An obvious place to lookup bad people is the halls of Congress:

There are several places online where records are stored of people who are convicted criminals. When choosing a website in search results, finding websites with .gov (government extensions) will assure free people searching:

People Search Offline People Search Offline

Before computer and the Internet people looking for people and information about them had to slog on over to places offline that stored public records. Not every bit of information about people has been placed in searchable archives and not all archives are open to public search. Many remain today:

Basically people who have gone about living their daily lives have been recorded in multiple databases, often without their knowledge or consent. At least in developed countries it's nearly impossible not to have people information about everyone committed to annals of time and 'findable' via online search.

Advanced People Search Resources Advanced People Search Resources

Anywhere and everywhere people volunteer their personal information or put themselves into positions or situations that cause facts (or allegations) about them to be recorded are advanced-search resources for finding people and information about them:

Totally Free People Search Totally Free Sources of Online People Search

Some well-known sources of totally free people search of data publicly-available online include:

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