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The extent of the effort made by scammers using the word 'free' as click bait (leading to paid search services) is as annoying to people seekers as mosquitos are to caribou. One way to avoid chasing down allies that lead to paid search services in the USA and internationally is to spot sites claiming 'free people search no credit card required' or 'no charge'.

The Best Free People Finders

Under our noses are two of the largest international search repositories of people data that are completely free to search: Google and Facebook, both of which provide advanced search way beyond peoples' names, addresses, ages and phone numbers in the United States and globally.

Google peoplesearch results are fast 'near matches' returning (for example) one billion five hundred sixty million webpages for John Smith meaning that many websites have both of those names on at least one page. Searching with "John Smith" in quotes will return only sites with that exact name, acting as a 'filter' eliminating all sites that don't have that, reducing the number of sites to twenty-eight million five hundred thousand. "Captain John Smith' narrows the number of sites further to eighty hundred fifty-four thousand. Adding a middle initial returns only 26 results.

Literally anything and everything that has been made available internationally about people online could be pursued in Google freepeoplesearch results: images, videos, news, shopping.

Facebook's free people finder is a similar totally-free site. It doesn't show the number of matches but shows pictures when available. Search returns can be advanced by including known data about the target like schools attended, location, vocation, events...

It's rumored that Facebook was actually created by the U.S. CIA (wink wink) as a way of conning people into entering personal facts in one huge searchable database. If so, clever data mining for chasing down personal information. Otherwise how long would it take, and at what expense, to contact 2.7 billion people, ask and record data that people would volunteer (names, nicknames, pictures, videos, addresses, business and international affiliations, 'friends', personal preferences, political agendas, terrorist connections, places visited) and how less accurate would it be?

Online True People Search

Another way to search any website for people is to use this in the browser's address bar: "True Free People Search" using quotes or not, replacing '' with the domain name of the site in question.

Search tip: When seeking advanced free search services and tools, know that the first listings at the top of most search results are placed their by the search engine for businesses requiring payment for their products and services. Look for alerts to paid ads. In Google ads are flagged by 'Ad' surrounded by a green rectangle with rounded corners, or more recently just 'Ad' in bold black letters on a white background. Even if the listing suggests free results, it's safe to assume that free lowdown on people will be very limited and leading to a request for payment for one thing or another.

Fast people search is the activity of using online and offline resources for locating scoop about people. There are various means you can use to conduct a people search:

Totally Free Sources of Online People Search

When you're after solid and reliable reports about people, there's a lot of publicly available from which totally free sources of online people search are available. A collective of resources that won't cost a dime use web techniques to locate your target person, or to dig up some dirt on people.

Free People Search No Credit Card Required

It's vital to note that some of these international resources will be free for the initial search, but when it comes to divulging sensitive secrets, you shall have to part with some cash. The completely free online people search finder tools won't ask for your credit card, but that provided might not be as thorough. Persons who are deceased can also prove tricky to find using the free online people search sources since they are more likely to be listed in an obituary finder.

Some of the well-known sources of publicly available material and online people search data include:

International People Search

VitalRec Search Inquiry: For free of charge birth, death, marriage, and divorce records search, every US County or town in each state is covered, as well as international records from major European countries, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The National Sex Offender Public Website: This is a public search website that lists all registered sex offenders for all the 50 states, including US territories and Indian reservations.

Copyright Records: If your target person is involved in creative arts such as being a writer, musician, or has any part in the making of copyrighted media, the US copyright office has online searchable records.

Patent Records: When the person you want to find is an inventor or scientist, they could be listed in the publicly accessible databases of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Federal Bureau of Prisons: If like other millions of people, your person of interest is or has been at one time incarcerated, the federal bureau of prison's searchable website will have them listed.

People Find Friends and Relatives

People often want to search for their old friends or distant relatives but a problem arises as how to find ppl with little about the person. Do not lose hope. Remember: The world is small.

In this article about people search, we'll tell you how to find a person's name, surname, photo or phone number. In addition to this data you may need the person's age, date of birth, city of residence or school(s) attended. Many search options work like a filter - the more input, the fewer and more accurate results.

Usually you want to implement your international search plan for free. Modern technologies (in particular the Internet) allow you to search and find anything that has been entered in the network. If the people are registered somewhere or reported about themselves, then there is a high probability that it will be quite easy to find them in specific databases.

Totally Free People Search Sites

A fully legal process of information obtaining has put at risk the privacy of anyone with something to protect, such raised politically uncomfortable constitutional issues on the privacy of an individual. This includes:

Spy Cameras and Microphones, TVs, Google Minis

Spy cameras are also known as secret hidden cameras, security cameras, or video surveillance cameras, and they record all the events in a particular place, with or without the consent of those being recorded. With the ability to keep your property or belongings secure, spy cameras also collect images of an individual's action for later reference by employers, law enforcement or anyone with access. Images and voice can be obtained using recoding with hidden cameras, or spying using microphones on Google mini or TVs.


Wiretapping or telephone tapping is the monitoring of conversation by hacking your phone or computer by third parties. This covert technique collects intelligence on a person and can be used legally by the government in a process called lawful interception. A passive or active wiretap on your computer will monitor traffic, record, and alter online communications internationally.

Computer/Browser Hijacking

This is a form of planting unwanted software on your internet browser without permission or awareness. The symptoms are lots of uninvited adverts popping up. Browser hijackers force hits onto particular advertisers' websites and may modify your browser's homepage, search engine or error page. Spyware, which is software that collects data on you, can also be installed by browser hijackers, such as key loggers for email, banking authentication details.

Search For People On Social Networks

The prevalence of international social networks is now just off the scale. It is not only a convenient platform to search for people, finding friends and chatting but also a file sharing service - music, movies, images, as well as news, so lots of people use it.

Modern technologies allow you to go online not only from your computer but also from your phone and other gadgets. Therefore, even without being sure whether the lost person has an account, we can assume that if he or she does not actively use it, then, at least, he or she has created a profile. So, that individual will have several contacts that can enable finding him. When choosing a search platform, you should focus on interests and age.

Pre Internet People Searching

Way before the days of the Internet and cell phones people were searching for other people.

People-search services have improved considerably over the years making searching for and finding accurate details about people easier and faster, fueling the addiction to 'people search'.

Check a Person's Background Online

The closest we're going to get a 'free background checks' are the 2 websites mentioned above. There are no known 'free background check services' but many local repositories (municipalities, counties, organizations) have records of arrests, incarcerations, sex-offender and prowler lists and convictions while other sources require authorization to access like credit reports, financial histories, medical, motor vehicle, license, police and military records.

What is a Background Check?

As the name suggests, a background check is an investigation of a person's international history and could include looking into past employment, crimes, licenses, residences, credit, education, medical and military histories.