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Russia stands for the Russian Federation or Rossiyskaya Federatsiya. People search is Russia is still a bit difficult because a good part of the population is still not computerized, particularly in Russian homes, even though the urban population is over 70%. The high unemployment rate makes computers, Internet connections and finding people there cost prohibitive for many. The country code, by the way, for russia is 'RU' so domains registered in Russia have the extension .ru.

Find People in Russia is the apparent leading source used to find people in Russia. That site lists directories for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yellow Pages. Several people search engines are listed including Aport, InterRussia, LycosRussia, Stars, Atrus, InternetSearch, Rambler, WebList, Ay!, ITStars, RussiaontheNet, Yandex, FTPSearch, List, St.PetersburgWeb and Yahoo!Russia. The remaining find-people sites listed in search results are curiously about detective agencies, background checks and Russian women, no doubt due to the substantial interest in and marketing of Russian brides and the corruption involved in such trafficking.

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Surprisingly there are a large number of Vietnamese in Russia. A people finder service would not be useful as many of those migrants are displaced and do not speak Russian or English. Among the most noted of them, Ho Chi Minh was a Russian student in Moscow and concert pianist Quynh Nguyan received a scholarship from a state musical college. Several Japanese also migrated to Russia, many of them women who were prostitutes.

Cities in Russia: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhniy-Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Rostov-on-the Don, Samara, Saint-Petersburg, Oufa, Tcheliabinsk

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