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Find People in Ukraine by Name Find People in Ukraine by Name

Several 100% free search engines have gathered millions of webpages from and about people in and from Ukraine, making it very easy to find people in Ukraine by name:

  1. Open a search site like Yahoo.
  2. Click in the search box.
  3. Type in or paste names of people, one at a time or together, or
  4. Enter one of several variations of the same name.
  5. To get specific search results, include names in double quotations.
  6. To get a broad return of searches, use only last names.
  7. While viewing the search-engine results page, press the control key and the F key to open a search field for the page only.
  8. Enter the name or a portion of it in the search box. (The function will indicate how many matches are on the page.)
  9. Use the down arrow to move from one occurrence to the next.

Search tip: Most Ukraine search services provide an option to display 100 search listings per page. For Google log into your account. Go to Data & Personalization then Search Settings. Under 'Results per page' use the slider to set the number.

Search for Ukraine Addresses Search for Ukraine Addresses

It is possible to use names to locate email, residential or business addresses, or use addresses to find people in and from Ukraine.

Use a name to find an address:

'Names' can be peoples' names, email usernames and/or those of businesses.

  1. Enter the names of people in the search fields of search sites.
  2. Peruse the search results. If there are too many possibilities, and some qualifying information to the search parameter to narrow the focus of the search, such as a city name in Ukraine or a portion of the address (if available).
  3. To look for people in Ukraine only, append 'Ukraine' to the search phrase.
  4. Use a suspected location or part of the address to search the page (by using ctl+F).
  5. Most search results are ten per page. Scroll to the bottom of the first page (and subsequent pages) and use the 'next' button to see more results.

If the people sought can't be found in one search engine, try another or several others as every search database isn't going to have the same content nor is every search service going to present search results in the same manner.

Search for People Using Images Search for People Using Images

Amazingly enough it's now possible to 'show' a search engine a photograph or an image of something/anything and ask it to find another copy of the same image or something similar.

The search technology is new and far from perfected but at least for now it's amusing if not somewhat useful.

  1. Open a search site and look for an option to present a picture.
  2. If the option isn't apparent try searching for anything using a few text characters. Doing so in Google presents a link for 'Images' that can be selected to access the image-search function.
  3. Most search engines allow for the uploading of stock or pointing to the object anywhere on the Internet using a URL.

Find Someone in Ukraine Find Someone in Ukraine

Use any major search engine to find someone in Ukraine by entering information about someone in the search function and pressing Enter. If too many search results are shown, add more specific information about the person like adding prefixes or suffixes to the name or including a city, state or postal code.

Many Ukrainians have left the country to escape the chaos. Some are 'vacationing'. Others have left for good. Moving around creates new searchable records so also search regional databases in other locations like Ireland, Mexico .


Search internationally for people in and from The Ukraine by name, address and image using any of the free major search engines. Try multiple sources to view different results. Seldom is it ever necessary or productive to pay for common information about people.

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