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Find someone in Ireland How Can I Find Someone in Ireland?

Search Republic-of-Ireland public records for peoples' email and mailing addresses, telephone numbers and names using completely free online search engines. Search sites don't contain the same information and they don't order the search results in the same way so try different search engines that aren't as commonly known like Excite, DuckDuckGo and Lycos.

People Finders Ireland People Finders Ireland

Good people finders for Ireland often overlooked are the major search engines with advanced people-search functions. Try searching MSN or Yahoo using the person's full name as a search phrase. If it is a common name the number of web pages returned may be reduced by including the person's name in double quotation marks. That tells the search engine to only return web pages containing that exact phrase (or name). If the results are too narrow, try removing the quote marks and include a city or region, if known. It is also possible to search for relatives or for people with the same last name in the last known area of the search target.

Find Someone's Phone Number In Ireland How do I Find Someone's Phone Number In Ireland?

There are multiple websites where people volunteer their personal information, including phones: Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Google Maps, and ad sites like Craig's List and Angie's List.

Some sites require phone numbers like those selling something, those recording information about voters, tax payers, applicants for marriage, hunting and fishing licenses, sex offenders, parolees, convicts - anywhere someone has been put on public record for doing something that requires 'registration'.

The obvious places to locate peoples' numbers is in the white pages (residential) and yellow pages (business) directories which these days are mostly searchable online.

There are other places where people have offered their numbers:

Find An Address in Ireland How Do I Find An Address For Someone In Ireland?

Most addresses that are on searchable websites have been found and stored by major search services which provide easy and free lookup of addresses using search terms related to addresses in Ireland like name, company business and property records.

A well-kept secret when searching for addresses is using a special search format for a given website. For example, when looking for an address in the Registry of Deeds Index Project, instead of going to the website, in the search-engine search box enter "9A Springfort Retail Pk". (Placing the address in double quotes forces the search for the exact address.)

If nothing shows up, try variations of the address like 'Park' instead of 'PK'. Drop the '9A'. Try different spellings of the name of the street.

People Search for Email Addresses Northern Ireland People Search for Email Addresses

As people from any other part of the UK, the people from Northern Ireland are extensive participants on the Internet with millions of websites and social-platform accounts so searching by email address is one search parameter that could find Irelanders sought.

All real database records of people on paper and electronic documents for the Republic of Ireland and N. Ireland are stored in the repository of the National Archives of Ireland which is tasked with preserving national documents for public access.

Viewing paper documents about people may require a physical visit to the 'Reader's Room' which requires registration in the form of a 'Reader's Ticket' for accessing the facility. Application for a ticket requires a photo ID and proof of address. (Access expires after three years.)

Questions and requests for copies of documents may also be submitted by fax, phone or email. Some documents may be stored off site while others may not be available to the public to protect their condition or privacy. Certified copies are available for a fee and include seals of certification for legal purposes.

N. Ireland

Peoples' testamentary records include wills, grants of probate and letters of administration (with annexed wills which include schedules of assets and how they are to be divided amongst heirs). Twelve district probate offices throughout Ireland make lists of grants (called 'Calendars') available for people search.

How To Find Someone In Ireland How To Find Someone In Ireland

To find someone in Ireland, is the official government website for people seeking government information and services. Nidirect and public organizasions collate key information based on peoples' needs.

Northern Ireland Search

Ireland people search is much more productive internationally because of the early and intense interest the Irish have taken in the Internet. Even countries like Wales have spawned much interest and Internet cafes have made it possible for those of meager means to reach out to the rest of the world for very little cost.

Consequently, dating sites, blogs and personal profiles have burgeoned with ppl from many of Ireland's cities. Poverty conditions and opportunity have also spawned a large effort by Irelanders to seek incomes from Internet enterprises.

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