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True advanced people search online in Portugal may not be as fruitful as in other countries in Europe because of the slower development of interest in the Internet in Portugal.

There are major sections of PT which remain undeveloped so finding people from those areas might still be left to the old-fashioned methods of researching in local archives through paper records, and hiring special investigators who have the knowledge and authority to access such sources.

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Advancements have picked up in recent years and as in other parts of the world, searching for people's phone numbers and addresses is more likely to result in success.

Searching for Portugal White Pages in Google returns these websites in the top listings:

Find An Address In Portugal How To Find An Address In Portugal

Good Portugal address finder services which are totally free are the major search engines like Ask, Google and MSN. If a person's name or email address has appeared somewhere on the Internet, in a blog, on a web page, in a forum post, it has likely be found and indexed by a search engine robot. Try searching for the person's exact and complete name, including first, middle and last name, if known.

To narrow the results even further, place the full name within double quotes. Only those names matching the name entered will be returned in the search results. (The search engine will present a message if no exact matches exist and will display 'close matches;.)

Portugal Public Records Find People in Portugal Public Records

Locate people's cemeteries, land and plat records, interests and many search details fast in online databases at no charge. Also try using some of the more common Internet search sources like Bigfoot and InfoSpace for people from Portugal or those visited PT who might be living elsewhere now.

Portugal Ancestry Portugal People Ancestry Finder

Real people lookup resources in Portugal are a bit limited. Searching Google for 'people finder Portugal' only returns Cyndi's List, a website for researching family ancestry and history and it's not completely free. A better ppl finder might be one of the paid services offered on this web page, like Intelius PeopleSearch. They are one of the most comprehensive resources on the web for people information, including such detailed searches like ancestry, background investigations, employment histories and criminal records.

The Portuguese have visited other countries and have relocated. Try searching on regional search sites in:

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People like to travel and migrate, sometimes out of necessity. Find someone from Portugal in Portugal or in neighboring Spain.

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