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Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de España), usually shortened as Spain (Spanish: España), is a country located in Southern Europe. It has 505,992 km² (195,364 sq mi) land area. Spain's largest and capital city is Madrid.

Spain has a population of about 40 million (79/km² population density) - lower than most Western European countries. The most populated areas are the regions surrounding Madrid and around the coast. Spain's population is mostly Spanish, native people in Spain, but the country has been experiencing migration from neighboring countries.

Most populous metropolitan regions are listed below:
Madrid 5,946,572
Barcelona 5,315,758
Valencia 1,623,724
Sevilla 1,317,098
Málaga 1,074,074
Bilbao 946,829

An estimation of 3.7 Mi foreigners resides in Spain according to 2005 report of the Spanish Government. These were Colombian, Romanians, Ecuadorian and Moroccan with estimated figures of 260,000, 200,000, 500,000 and 500,000, respectively. Other foreign group includes British, French, Argentine, German and Bolivian. It has the 2nd immigration growth within Europe (after Cyprus), and has the 2nd highest net migration in the world (after USA). Although, these past five years the country has created all new jobs, that is more than half in European Union, this high population growth of immigration could eventually cause social tensions.

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