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Find peoples' phone numbers and names, email and physical addresses in Spain using absolutely free search engine websites.

Search Spain for People Search Spain for People

Search for people in and from Spain in seveal completely free public directories.

The poeple you seek may have accessed the Internet and placed their information in any one of hundreds of databases, or information about people may be been added to Internet archives because of who they are or what they have done:

>People search in Spain is getting better but still lacks the thoroughness of international search in that there are fewer Internet users per capita in Spain than in more modern cultures with greater technological developments. The best places to check are the more popular well-established databases.

Search Spain for People by Name Search Spain for People by Name

Try something different: Navigate to popular people sites like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook but instead of using the search-finder functions provided on the websites, type the names of people sought in the browser's address bar then append '' and include the quote marks.

If the name is recorded on the website and if a search engine has found and recorded the name, this method may lead directly to one or more web pages that contain the name.

If too many options are presented as possible matches, enter the name again but place double quotes around the name and search again.

Another way to focus or limit the number of search is to added qualifiers before and/or after a name, like Constable or III.

If too few or no relevant returns come back, try a more general format of the name, like searching last-name-only if the name is somewhat uncommon.

Many search sites in Spain today provide an option to designate a locality like city or state or area to narrow the number of returns for any lookup. More advanced search systems like Google (often overlooked when searching for people) allow for 'Advanced Search Settings' which can reduce search results for a given search to specific data.

Search for Peoples' Addresses Search Spain for Peoples' Addresses

There are a fair number of places where addresses may appear online:

The course of action would be to search a locality (city, county, state, Spain) for the agencies like those listed above and either visit the website to see if a search function is provided and if not, use the site-search method explained previously.

Of course the obvious way to search for an address is to enter peoples' names in search boxes provided by search engines to see what comes up.

Success in finding a specific address may be enhanced by including a known or suspect town or region of residence or an employer's name.

An address can also be searched (as in 'reverse search') to attempt to locate the owner or resident of the address. Sometimes excluding the numbers of an address and only searching the street name will return 'near matches' perhaps of neighbors in the same building or neighborhood.

People owning property might also be found by searching 'owner [address]' where the later is replaced by the address of the property.

Search for Email Addresses Search Spain for Email Addresses

E-address search in Spain is a little less productive because, thanks to email spam, people have learned to not publish their addresses publicly where spammers (and search engines) can harvest them.

Nonetheless, an address can be typed into or pasted into the address bar of a browser or the search field to see if information related to the address shows up.

Addresses often appear in:

An exact e-addy may not appear in search but try searching leaving off either the user-name or the domain-name portion of the address.

Use an asterisk (*) as a 'wild card' to find any address related to the portion of the address provided, like s* where all addresses beginning with 's' at might appear in search.

Search Spain with Images Search Spain with Images

Go to a search service (like Google) that provides a search by image. Using that site as an example, as of today, there is no apparent way of searching using a picture. It's necessary to search for 'something' (anything) to see search listings then click on Images (at the top) to then see the 'camera icon' at the right of the search box.

Select either option:

  1. Paste image URL
  2. Upload an image

Exact or close matches of the image will be displayed.

The picture can be of anything: people, works of art, buildings. Image search is often used to find illegal use of copyrighted works.

Find Someone in Spain Find Someone in Spain

To find someone in Spain, in the search field of any major search engine, enter any identifying information about someone. Include as much detail as is available, starting with name and some reference to location like Spain or a region, province or city within Spain. Include any known numbers like postal codes or portions of phone numbers. If someone isn't shown in the search listings, try searching using only the last name and add qualifiers like occupational designations, honorary degrees, etc.

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