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Find Pakistanis How Can I Find Pakistanis on Social Networks?

Internet usage has grown considerably in recent years and by far Pakistanis numbering thirty-eight million people (as of July, 2023) favor Facebook as their preferred online social network. Fully ninety percent of the country's surfers visit Facebook ninety percent of the time, dwarfing the next nearest competitor in Twitter at just 5.5%. That's an impressive market share given that the total number of Internet surfers in Pakistan current registers at eight-two million - nearly half.

So the largest source of information about fellow Pakistani people might be Facebook where users registered to share their personal information, literally, with the world. There's some conjecture that this website was either developed by or taken over by one or more government agencies to have access to all the personal 'secrets' that someone might not otherwise have offered up, had they known about the ulterior motives.

Regardless, the info at Facebook is now etched in stone and there's no erasing it. Yes, profiles can be deleted but we don't know for sure that the data doesn't remain in the database out of public view.

Perhaps Facebook is so popular in Pakistan because so much information can be located and so easily. Patrons ponied up a lot about themselves including (oops) political views, videos, beliefs, attitudes, favorites, associates ("friends"), business connections, movies, books and art liked. On the other hand, those will ill intentions can be assured that their 'content' is in the hands of authorities who are keeping lists and checking them twice - so some of that government overreach just might result in greater public safety and lives saved.

On the site click in the search box (upper left on the page) and type words related to the person, business or activity sought. Results can be narrowed by adding qualifiers (filters) like location (city, province, territory). Specific search terms can be encapsulated in quotes to locate only those profiles containing the exact phrase within the quotes.

Search results of people often include pictures of places and photos of people to help identify targets of search. Borrowing from Facebook's format, these categories can contain content: Apps and Games, Books, Check-Ins, Events, Groups, Likes, Movies, Music, Notes, Questions, Reviews, Sports, TV Shows and Videos.

White Pages Pakistan People Finders appears in people search-finder results as 'Phone Directory of Pakistan' but refers to a link named p:// which when followed leads to yet another domain, which provides an international search function populated with "What's on your mind, search and find!". There's a search filter by city, area, military or neighborhood.

Find someone in Pakistan: Searching for the current president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, returned no results as it appears this site, which is linked back to the first website listed here, is for business searches only. Referring back to hamariweb dot com produces the same result - all business. Commonly 'white pages' refers to the white pages of telephone books with residential listings so the placing of these websites under search results for 'white pages' is incorrect.

White Pages of Pakistan might be a better peoplesearch choice. The site reads, "a website that provides you with phone numbers and addresses around the country. You can search by number, name, location and more to get the exact match that you are looking for." At second take, this also seems to be a scam as there is no search function but there are opportunities to grab your email address and lead you to the pay-for-search website BeenVerified. The bogus 'no charge' website also phishes for your information by offering a 'completely free listing'.

What language is mostly spoken in Pakistan?

Pakistanis mostly speak Punjabi followed by Urdu (the national language but in business, education, legal and judicial arenas, English is common and taught in many areas as a second language.

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