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Puerto Ricans and people who entered Puerto Rico (lawfully) as tourists may have information about them recorded in any of these 100% free searchable databases. No charge to find them.

Search Puerto Rico by Names Search for People in Puerto Rico by Names

When searching advanced people-search for a person, enter a person's name and some identifying information (like last known city or region or 'Puerto Rico') to narrow the search results and help to hone in on more complete search returns.

Major search engines like MSN (Bing) and DuckDuckGo will have free pages indexed from Puerto Rico but buscapr.com is a regional search for PR. It has an option to search only its database or globally. (Busca translates to 'search' in English. There is also an option to use the service in Spanish.)

Find Someone in Puerto Rico Find Someone in Puerto Rico

One way to find someone now for free in Puerto Rico is to post messages online and let people find you. The largest database providing such a service is Facebook. The page for Puerto Rico is facebook.com/DiscoverPuertoRico.

To use the free Puerto Rico people finder it is necessary to create an account, obtain a username and password and use those to log into the site. Once that is done, copy/paste the above destination in the browser address bar and press Enter, or in the finder field at the upper left, enter Puerto Rico and click on the search spyglass to see other sites related to the "Rich Port" island.

It's also possible to enter the name of the person sought in the people-search box, along with additional information like a mailing address or email address.

Search Puerto Rico Phone Numbers Free Search Puerto Rico Telephone Numbers

When a search-engine robot 'crawls' a webpage, it reads the letters and numbers on the page and records that information in the search engine's database. If the search located a number and that number is used as a search parameter, all pages containing that number should be listed in the search results page (SERPs), arranged in order of relevance to the number. There may be several matches or none. One search engine may have found the number while others haven't so it might be helpful to use more than one search service.

Several large database sites allow search at no charge by number (essentially a 'reverse phone lookup') to see to whom the number belongs currently or belonged to in the past.

Puerto Rico Free People Finder Puerto Rico People Finders

The population of Puerto Rico of course is mostly poor and without Internet service.While some Internet cafes are available for online access, many people finders in Puerto Rico take the form of visitors to government agencies to locate people the old-fashioned way by searching through written paper records. Puerto Rico Vital Records are archived at the Department of Health's Demographic Registry in San Juan where births, deaths, marriages and divorces are recorded.

Look Up People Fast in Puerto Rico Using Images

Have a (clear) picture of the person sought saved to the computer or have a URL to the object. While viewing google.com, click on the camera icon to the right of the search box. If the URL is copied to the clipboard, paste it in. If not, type it in and be careful to type exact characters. If the pic resides on the computer, click on 'Upload an image', navigate to the location then select it. Peoplesearch results will include several pictures of 'near matches'.

Try Porto Rica. Many people in PR came from and are visiting from Spain.

An estimated three million two hundred thousand Puerto Ricans inhabit the five thousand three hundred twenty-eight square miles of the Puerto Rican Island. Puerto Rico is one of the most heavily populated island areas in the world. Approximately three hundred forty-seven thousand people live in Puerto Rico's capital of San Juan where many people are likely to have Internet service, computers and access to several websites which may have recorded searchable information about them.

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