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True Africa people search is a totally free search service advisory offering suggestions for finding people (at no cost) in and from Africa regardless of origin or current whereabouts.

Find someone in or from Africa Find someone in or from Africa

Any people in Africa with access to an Internet connection may have volunteered information about themselves by submitting their names and contact and personal information on any number of websites anywhere in the world.

Any people who visited Africa (legally) left digital footprints that lead back to them.

Those bits of data about Africans and African visitors are stored on at least one computer if not several and if those sources are available to search engines, it's available to those attempting to find someone in or from Africa.

Find People in Africa Fast Find People in Africa Fast

To find people in Africa and in the world fast, enter a people's first and last names in the finder search box of a search engine and if possible, enter a country or region, like South Africa.

There is no charge to conduct a search and possible matches for people sought may be presented in search results.

If there are too many names to lookup, on the keyboard hold down the control key and press F to open a search function for the page in view. Enter a portion of the name that may be unique and press Find. (That may be quicker and easier than paging through the listings.)

Africa People Finder Africa People Finder

The Africa People Finder Nigeria archive is a completely free people-search website containing more than 700,000 stories. Enter keywords in the box above to search the archive. You can search for several keywords, all of which must appear for a story to satisfy the search criteria. So a search on Nigeria President Obasanjo would only return pages that contain all three words.

Africa Online

Africa Online in Ethiopia is part of the African Lakes Corporation group. African Lakes formed a joint venture (UUNET Africa) with UUNET SA in December 2000. UUNET SA, which is 100% owned by WorldCom in the United States, is the leading Internet-based network service provider in South Africa
. This is the first alliance we have forged with a global player and it provides us with an upgraded network infrastructure benefiting both our private dial-up subscribers and our corporate clients. UUNET Africa launched its first operation in Kenya in June 2001.

The Gambia Directory is not a searchable database, but a directory listing of telephone numbers. Click on the letter below corresponding to the first letter of the person for which you seek to view all listings beginning with that letter.

Find African People Websites

Lost Trekkers dot com is a no-charge service for placing an ad for somebody (worldwide) by entering your own name, the city (Johannesburg), area (South Africa) and/or country (Africa) in which you knew or met the person being sought, the individual's name, the year of the meet up and a suggested minimum of 100 words that might be indexed by search engines and found by the lost friend, relative or acquaintance. There's provision for including your own website, if applicable, and a picture of the target, perhaps giving someone who might know the party the capability of correctly identifying him or her. (It is recommended that the file size of the image should not exceed 20kb (which is quite small) and does not suggest dimensions. Using an image tool it appears that the height and width should both be seventy-eight pixels.

When looking for people in or from Africa or Egypt, the home page of the peoplesearch website provides links for searching in a specific country but that may not be a preferred method of searching. For example, you may be looking for a old military buddy that you knew in AF but of course he or she likely wouldn't still be there but could be anywhere internationally. A better choice would be to search in Africa (if that is the likely location of the party). On the other hand, the site suggests that searches might be conducted in the location where you met your lost associate.

What happens if you locate your colleague? Below each advertisement is a web form for entering your contact information with 'Reply To' completed with the name of the ad poster. You can provide your username, first name, email address, password (provided by the webmaster upon enrollment) and a message that will be forwarded to people. The subject of the email will have been filled in with the words used in the ad's subject. Users are discouraged from using special characters and punctuation in the body of the text. The postings run for seven hundred twenty days so allow for the possibility that the email address that was provided by the ad placer may be abandoned.

England for several decades has occupied much of Africa so when looking for someone from England, try searching in databases that are germain to Africa.

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