Indonesia People Search
Indonesia People Search

People Search Resources in Indonesia

People searching for Indonesians or people who lived in or visited Indonesia have several free online services available that may be able to find individuals (or companies) by name, phone number, address, email address and any number of numerical identifiers.

Search Google for Indonesian People

By far Google has the largest repository of info about individuals and businesses in Indonesia, perhaps with the except of government stores unavailable to the public.

Any piece of information can be entered into the Google search field to bring up websites containing some or all of the data (words or numbers) entered. For individuals that might be a name with associated data like estimated age, last-known address, full name, school(s) attended - anything that might narrow the search returns.

People Search by Image

Got a picture of a person? On Google's main search page, click on 'Images' at the upper-right corner to open the 'search-by'image' screen. On the right in the search field, click on the icon that looks like a camera to see options to paste an image URL (like or click on 'Upload an image' then 'Choose File' and navigate to (find) the image on your computer or storage device, select it. If the image does not exist in the Google database a message will appear, "No other sizes of this image found." and 'visually similar images' will be displayed near the top of the search results. Clicking on a similar image will open a new webpage with many images of other 'near matches' with labels indicating the sources of the images and the website pagename. Clicking again displays a larger image of the person which in turn leads to the webpage where the picture resides where there may be additional information about the person as well as contact info. (If you've uploaded a pic of yourself no one in these look alikes will look nearly as good as you ;).

Any image can be used for image search, including proprietary artwork, logos and website images - a handy tool for discovering illegal use of copyrighted material. Just follow the same procedure as using photos of people.

People Search by Voice

A handy feature for those of us who don't like to type (or can't) search by speaking words and numbers is possible and requires a working microphone to be connected to the computer. (Voice recognition software providers might suggest that a headset with a quality mic will improve performance.)

Back to the main Google search page again: Hovering over the microphone icon to the right in the search box presents an 'alt (alternative) message' to the icon stating, "Search by voice". If voice search in not available, "Voice search has been turned off." will be presented with a hyperlink named Details leading to a Google support page explaining how to change your computer's microphone permissions.

With a functional mic, speech recognition will be activated when choosing voice search. Just speak clearly and watch search results appear.

Other Indonesian People-Search Destinations

Many countries have public or governmental archives available for searching for information about people but apparently Indonesia does not.

Using "people search Indonesia" in Google produces results for sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Zoominfo, Foursquare - but nothing indicating a searchable database provided by the government of Indonesia.

Yahoo and MSN have a fraction of the search market when compared to 'alphabet' but are still options which may contain data overlooked by the largest search engine. However, they've lost a lot of market share over the years because they've been unable to compete on search results quality.

Keep in mind that websites appearing at the top of search results on most search engines are probably selling search services. The top of search returns is the most valuable piece of real estate on the Internet and website owners pay big bucks to occupy that space. You may see headlines like "Best People Search Sites 2020 | Don't Waste Your Money" so the purveyor of that source hopes you'll click through, sign and help subsidize the cost of garnering your attention with high page placement when you searched for people search Indonesia.

Interestingly with quotes around "people search Indonesia" only 55 websites appear in Google's search listings meaning that only that number of sites contain that exact phrase. Removing the quotes so that any site with any of the 3 words included pumps the number of returns to three billion three hundred ninety million entries.

Differences in Search Sites

The amount of hype on some sites selling search services should be shameful and embarrassing. It's certainly an insult to the average intellect:

When such claims, exclamations and exaggerations are encountered, hit the browser back button and return to seeking reasonable content from reputable sources.

People Search Offline

There are 'old-fashioned ways' of finding information about people - locally, visiting businesses, establishments and neighborhoods where the person sought was known to reside. Newspapers have spent a considerable amount of money digitizing their historical content, making it 'searchable'. So have government agencies, schools, universities, religious establishments, libraries, medical facilities...

Public agencies might have recorded information for people search: post office, local police, hospital, court house/county clerk, voter registration, property record, church... Many of those establishments have an online footprint and even though there may be no search function on the website, it's still possible to search the site using search parameters. Here's how:

In the browser address field type search parameters. If you're searching for John Smith known perhaps to have lived in Jakarta, the entry would be ' "John Smith" Jakarta'. The search engine would look only for John Smith on the website indicated and would 'flavor' search results with 'Jakarta' and bring sites matching the 'filters' to the top (presumably).

People Search Methods

Vary the search terms used when searching for websites that provide services sought. For example, in quotes search for "free people search Indonesia" or "free people search Jakarta". (Slightly different results may be returned if the first letter of the nation or city is not capitalized. Definitely lots more returns will be displayed with the double quotes removed.)

If you use one website more than another, using Chrome, click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner. Go to Settings. Scroll down to 'Search engine' and set a default engine there. Further down under 'Start up' click on 'Open a specific page or set of pages'. Any page listed there can be removed. Click on 'Add a new page' to make it appear when the browser is opened each time. If the preferred pages are already open in the browser, select 'Use current pages' to save those settings.

Scroll up to 'Appearance'. Under 'Show home button' check 'New Tag page' to have a blank page open when a new tab is opened. (This might be preferable to Yahoo and MSN which attempt to open a ton of content and advertisements that take way too long to load, especially on mobile devices.)

With 'Show bookmarks bar' on (slider on the right to the right and blue in color), bookmarks will appear near the top of the browser window, making it easier and faster to access the websites most-commonly visited. In this same section, font size can be increased or decreased, custom fonts can be assigned (for displaying browser content) and pages can be zoomed in or out depending upon the setting for 'Page Zoom'.

Bookmark Favorite People-Search Destinations

Click on those 3 vertical dots again. Hover over Bookmarks then slide over to 'Bookmarks manager'. In this section of browser settings, listed bookmarks can be sorted, deleted, added and edited. They can be moved from one location (folder) to another and they can be imported from another folder or another browser.

With a favorite webpage open, press the control key and press D. A window will open suggesting a name for the bookmark to be saved and a folder in which to save it. There are options for looking for other folder destinations (under 'More') and an option to remove a mark. With the 'More' option a new folder can be created.

Job Search in Indonesia

People Search Indonesia and peoplesearchindonesia dot com appears to be a head-hunter service of sorts. Following the link of job opportunities leads to a page listing presumable employment openings. There are only sixteen entries on two pages. The website began in 2002 so it's curious as to why there would be so few listings. This explanation is offered on the website, "...presently transform themselves to become innovative recruiters and human resource (HR) service providers.".

Each entry includes a link to a secondary page which provides descriptions of the 'client' (hiring entity) and job opening as well as skills requirements.

This domain appears first when googling 'people search Jakarta' so once again it appears that ranking highly for a specific search term in a search engine doesn't assure that useful information related to the search words will rank the highest in search results.

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