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Sweden is the 3rd largest Western European country behind Spain and Russie, and the 4th largest in all of Europe. It's population is just over nine million, 80% of which are native Swedes. About 85% of all Sweedish people live in urban areas. Sweden receives the most visitors with just over five million in 2007. It's largest trade partners are the U.S., Germany, Norway, the UK, Denmark and Finland.

Swedes maintain a passivist posture in world affairs, claiming a non-aligned foreign policy during peace time and neutrality during wars, however, Sweden secretly formed a defence pact with the United States in the early 60's and allowed deployment of US submarines off its coast. Sweden has also provided military support in Afganistan, the Congo, Bosnia, Kosovo, Lebanon and Chad.

Sweden has 25 provinces; Västmanland, Västergötland, Västerbotten, Värmland, Uppland, Södermanland, Småland, Skåne, Östergötland, Öland, Norrbotten, Närke, Medelpad, Lapland, Jämtland, Härjedalen, Hälsingland, Halland, Gotland, Gästrikland, Dalsland, Dalarna, Bohuslän, Blekinge and Ångermanland. The largest cities Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, Uppsala and Vasteras.

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