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Swedes and people who lived in or visited Sweden may have FREE information about them recorded in accessible databases which can be found using search tools.

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Search for people from Sweden completely free by accessing the Swedish National Archives which contains a collection of records about people, public establishments, governmental personnel and organizations dating back at least four hundred years. The site (Riksarkivet) says that information located about people can go as far back as to the 'Middle Ages' and states that all information is stored in multiple locations in hopes of maintaining preservation.

The finder archive now contains a wealth of people information and is 'searchable' by the public. There's a 'Digital Research Room' which has categories of church and court archives, census and population registration, estate ownership, peoples' births, deaths and marriages and of all things, 'released prisoners'.

Public Records Search Public Records Search in Sweden

Not all people being sought are a 'lost friend' or loved one to be rediscovered. People everywhere lookup other people (in public records) who provide services and perform needed tasks from medical care to psychological counseling and student tutoring. People search for jobs and search for ppl to fill job positions at no charge. The expanse of 'people search' is possibly only second to searches for adult content on the Internet.

Swedish dot org is a comprehensive searchable database called Swedish Edmonds Directory in Edmonds, WA. Listings for the site dominate Google's first twelve positions (at this date in time and from this location) for 'advanced people search Sweden' so skipping down to listing number thirteen finds 192 dot com which apparently only lists other sources of reverse phone numbers for Swedes: Bizbook, 118100. Gulex, Hitta and Eniro Privatpersoner. Translations are provided from English to Svenska.

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One possible way to locate someone in and from Sweden totally free is to search the major search engines by email address. Enter the complete email address in the search box and see what comes up.

In most browsers it's possible to change how search listings are presented. In Chrome, for example, the number of sites returned per page can be set to a maximum of one hundred. This can be useful in this type of search because looking for the email address in the search results is as easy as pressing ctl+F while viewing the search-results page, entering the email address and pressing Enter.

Search results contain a webpage's title (chosen by the person who owns the website) and either a description (also offered by the owner) or an extraction of text from the page. Searching for an email address using ctl+F will take the cursor immediately to a matching email address (if any).

Because SE email addresses tend to be arcane, if the address is not in the top 100 search results, it's probably not in the search engine's database. Go on to subsequent pages or try other search engines using the same technique.

Any peoplesearch strategy is to search for only a portion of the email address. People tend to use the same usernames from one web spot to another so only searching for the portion of the email address that appears before the '@' sign may turn something up.

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