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The site is up but the search function returns a 404 (not found) result. The link to 'People Finder Forum' returns the same outcome. The link to Australian Web Search does bring up a page but attempting a search using Google Australia displays an html page full of cascading style sheet code. The other search options also fail: AltaVista Australia, Anzwers, NineMSN, Open Directory - DMOZ, OzSearch, Search 66, Web Wombat and Yahoo Australia. The contact page discloses that the contact form was removed due to spam and only a reference to FAQ and a physical address in Loganholme QLD is offered as the only means of contacting the website owner. Raw Whois Data does list the owner but no contact information there as well. Although this site appears first in Google SERPs (search-engine-results pages) for all intents and purposes it's taking up valuable real and providing nothing useful.

" is the definitive Australian guide to locating people and background information. This site covers in-depth, free people searches, professional people search services, and related resources."

The 'see what others are saying about People Search' has a partial quote allegedly from a reporter for The Courier Mail that says nothing about the 'people search site': "TOOLS for finding people online have always been a bit piecemeal. With the twin curses of junk e-mail and identity theft lurking in cyberspace, many people are now wary of having their e-mail addresses or other personal information displayed online. All the same, a lot of people use the Net to look for personal data." The link allegedly leading to "the full article" leads to a page about "Queensland's richest 100". It's safe to say that this website, although ranked #1 in Google for Australia+People+Search is defunct.

Find Friends in Australia for Free

When looking for free websites providing free search services be aware that sites appearing at the top of Google search listings are not offering free searches if a listing displays a green rectangle with 'Ad' in it. It's a pay-for-play website and there either is no free searching at all or search results may be very limited (teaser data exploited for selling additional information).

Here's an example: Search for Free Australia People Search. In our corner of the world the first listing is an ad paid for offering Phone, Email, Address, Social Media & Photos and Public Records by phone lookup, address lookup or email lookup. Entering a name and pressing the search button leads to page asking if the search is for 'myself' or 'someone else' then a page asking for city/state or providing a link to proceed ("I'm not sure.). "Looking up billions of records" followed by a suggestion to provide an age or middle name to 'narrow down results'. A subsequent page with buttons for choosing between Car Ownership, Contact Info, Court Records, Criminal Records, Other, Personal Details, Properties, Relatives, Social Media. Choosing 'Other' begets "There are limits to how you can use reports" then "Please check the box below to see the results of your match" with the 'box' grayed out and unusable immediately followed by "Why our customers love us". So far - not feeling the love. Ah, checking the disclaimer is required.

Pushing on through this somewhat arduous process, now comes at least one purpose in this escapade and that is to acquire name and email address so let's see what lurks around that corner.

We're presented with this: "By clicking "Continue", you represent that you are over 18 years of age and have agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and you agree to receive email from" Why 18? Can't legally bind a minor. Here's the first disclosure on the Terms and Conditions page: "Please take some time to review these Terms and Conditions that You are entering into, and please note and pay special attention to our dispute resolution policy which requires binding arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes (rather than jury trials or class actions, and also limits available remedies) in most circumstances." That's a significant effort to CYA by this clandestine company located in New York City. Might they have more than one attorney on staff? Why all the legal mumbo jumbo? Best guess is that after all the hype ("hard to find public records" "I'm a single mother dating online and I use BeenVerified to help protect my family." "The data may surprise you.") or, apparently the 'data' can be disappointing and users want their money back.

Note that the refund policy does not provide a money-back guarantee or assurance if results are disappointing: "If at any time You are not fully satisfied with Our services for any reason, You may call Our customer service department." It clearly does not assure product satisfaction or a refund.

Fine. You can always go for a chargeback and here's the warnings and threats: " ...intentional credit/debit card reversals and chargebacks are frequently indicators of possible fraudulent use and/or theft of Our services and We may treat them as such." This is diabolically opposed to 'we failed to deliver a satisfactory product but we want to keep your money so we'll accuse YOU of fraud. LOL

"We reserve the right to investigate further and file complaints with the appropriate local and federal authorities."

We will file complaints against YOU!

...We regularly monitor all internet protocol address information and other user activity...

'We know who you are and where you are.' Well yes, payment was made to you. Knowing an IP address hardly adds to identification.

"...this information may be used in a civil and/or criminal case"

'We will sue you.'

"...especially in instances of possible theft or fraudulent behavior."

'You're the thief and a fraudster, not us, and because we say it's so, it's true.

This is certainly a remarkable effort to sell sell sell then keep payments even when they aren't earned.

More First Listings for Free Searches can appear in paid ads for 'free Australia People Search proclaiming in its listing title, "Don't Waste Your Money | "Top 4" People Search Sites?", so what's up?

This sight does not provide its own searchable database or search service. Using the search function at the top of the page leads to 'Instant Checkmate' - a site hoping to make money by getting visitors to use search services.

Sites like this are called 'affiliate sites' which hope to make money by referring searchers to sites that charge for searching, Instant Checkmate, Truthfinder, Seek Verify and Intelius. There's big money in 'people search' and these sites are all examples of individuals and businesses who have developed websites and 'services' of one kind or another to hopefully cash in.

The 'disclaimer' at the bottom of the page is complete balderdash:

"Our top ranked sites are reviewed on the basis of our own views, knowledge and expert opinions."

Nonsense. You're paying for placement at the top of search results for terms related to People Search because your website can't be found in the top 100 listings for 'Free Australia People Search'. YOur 'review' has consisted of finding sites that will pay you for referrals.

"We are able to provide you with our free online comparison tool thanks to referral fees we receive from a number of companies..."

Your 'tool' does nothing but provide links to 4 sites that can be readily found online.

"We guarantee that this does not influence the content of our review but may influence the overall score and position of each review."

Complete rubbish.

"Best People Search Sites - 2019 We spent 17 hours testing people search sites and were shocked at how bad some of them were."

Yours being the worst.

Australia Public Record is not a government agency and has no public-records data as the domain name might suggest.

As stated on the website, "We provide access [links] to resources for those looking for public records in Australia including birth, death, marriage, immigration, and other types of records."

The links to privacy policy, terms and contact don't work. It was created in 2011 and appears to not have been maintained since 2012 (last monthly archive).

How does the owner of the website hope to cash in on garnering attention for 'Australia public records'? From the banner ad running on the right side of most pages with this link:

The link is to which boldly states on its home page, "We are affiliate marketing". The original link leads to an advertiser ( who through awin1 will pay the original website owner for the referral.

Clearly the quest for free search services in Australia (and the rest of the world) is a futile task as most sites capturing our attention in SERPs have managed to do so because they've either paid for the positioning or they've concocted verbose websites that do nothing more than send us to yet another website providing paid search services.

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Using the Australian OnLine Site, you can search for a business, locate government departments or simply get in touch with a friend. Australia OnLine provides access to contact information for around eight million residential and government listings nationally, in the form of telephone numbers (standard, fax and mobile), as well as email and Internet addresses, and street addresses. This information is frequently updated, making it an incredibly comprehensive source.

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Using the OnLine site, you can search for any Australian postcode and be provided with the suburb name and state, or alternatively, enter a suburb name and be provided all the matching postcodes across all of Australia.

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The site allows you to obtain information regarding how to order a printed phone book, updating your White Pages listings online, how to purchase a Directory on CD, close and issue dates for the printed directories, together with products that allow you to utilise it on your mobile phone and handheld Palm Pilot.

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