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Using the Australian OnLine Site, you can search for a business, locate government departments or simply get in touch with a friend. Australia OnLine provides access to contact information for around eight million residential and government listings nationally, in the form of telephone numbers (standard, fax and mobile), as well as email and Internet addresses, and street addresses. This information is frequently updated, making it an incredibly comprehensive source.

Postcode Search for Australia

Using the OnLine site, you can search for any Australian postcode and be provided with the suburb name and state, or alternatively, enter a suburb name and be provided all the matching postcodes across all of Australia.

World Time and Dialing Codes

You can enter any two countries and determine the current local time in each country, together with dialing information that helps you call each country.


The site allows you to obtain information regarding how to order a printed phone book, updating your White Pages listings online, how to purchase a Directory on CD, close and issue dates for the printed directories, together with products that allow you to utilise it on your mobile phone and handheld Palm Pilot.

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