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This site is The Danish White Pages section. Written in Danish only (de gule sider = the pages; navnebog = find person), this site offers a people search database of the classified telephone directory, phone numbers and addresses of all the country's telephone subscribers, and a list of tele-operator numbers. Searches can be done by name, by profession, by location or address. The motto of The Pages is "whatever you are looking for, find it here".

The Denmark Search Pages Website is provided by TDC - Tele Online, whose website provides some pages along with the predominantly Danish text. In addition to the Pages, TDC also handles cable TV, mobile phones, data mining, and a Danish Buyer and Guide. TDC's website provides links to a product catalog, other services, maps & directions, online advertising, businesses, catalogue of email addresses, international people and search sites, international map sites, and activities and industries. The primary service provider on the home page is TDC A/S and the subsidiaries in the TDC Group, including TDC Totalløsninger A/S (TDC Solutions) and TDC Internet A/S Denmark.

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