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Find Germans in and from Germany completely free by clicking on 'Germany 100% Free People Search' above. No card needed.

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People search in Germany can be a bit challenging because of the lack of local search resources. More will come online as the Internet develops and reaches into further untapped corners. For now it's still advisable to use a first name with a last name to make the people-search results for acquaintances more specific, i.e., fewer and more likely to include the people sought. Enter the names of the people in the fields below and click OK or Search. A list will appear in a new window. If more names are returned that can be displayed on one screen, scroll down to view the entire list. If the people are not found in Germany, enter a more broad search of surrounding areas or countries where they might have lived or visited.

To look up people from Germany fast, try searching in the U.S. Many people from Germany have migrated or immigrated to the United States. It's also possible relatives of the people you seek reside in America. Also try searching adjacent countries because people are mobile and frequently cross neighboring borders to reside in other countries. Still, the most likely place to locate people from Germany is in Germany. Since the 1970's thousands of 'East Germans' have taken up residence in West Germany.

Find People in Germany by Phone Number Find People in Germany by Phone Number

The large search engines are today's 'White Pages' listing every German in the world in a massive database containing personal facts about people in and from Germany, including addresses and other contacts.

The Phone Book Germany search engine database is published in German, French and English. Finders can perform: a Simple Search by a acquaintance's name (surnames or firm names), keyword, category or place; or an Advanced Search by name (surnames or firm names), keyword, category, place, first name, street, area code, zip code, and/or house #. On the Advanced People Search, there's also a feature that allows for lookup of similar names of people.

Also on the Telephone-Book Germany page are links to Yellow Pages International and The Directory, both in German only. On the Yellow Pages site, ppl searches can be performed in three ways: quick search (search by industry, name or location); area search (up to 100km radius); or category search. On Germany Directory page, visitors can search and find people by name, place or area code.

People Finders Germany People Finders Germany

If peoples' current states of residence (Bavaria, Bremen, Hamburg, etc) or past states of residence1 are known, like government agencies (the post office and land register) are good people-finder sources of recorded about German residents and land or property owners.

Searching Germany's land register manually is totally free but electronically it is not free. It contains civil-law legal relationships related to real estate, like ownership and third-party rights in rem (rights over property as opposed to rights against a person). The possible search parameters are address, cadastral unit, folio and/or owner's name. A copy of a record is ten Euros while a certified copy is twenty Euros.

Employees at post offices in German towns and cities, particularly in smaller ones, especially those who have been on the job for years and decades. They know (of) everyone because they see daily mail delivery and because they interact with locals who visit the establishment. By extension, anyone serving the public may know of people who live or have lived in the community - doctors, dentists, lawyers, clergymen, small-business owners, the police - anyone who has contact with the public. Another source in Germany might be the telephone and power companies. Many archives may not be 'searchable' online and may require a visit to archives for manual perusal.

Given the vast influx of undesirable immigrants into Germany, many Germans have relocated to neighboring countries like the Netherlands. Search regional databases there for visitors and ex-pats.

Find Someone's Address In Germany Find Someone's Address In Germany

Find a German's Address

  1. Open a favorite browser.
  2. Navigate to a preferred search engine.
  3. Type the German's name.
  4. Scroll through the search listings for the person sought. (It may be helpful to set the browser to show one hundred results, not just ten.)
  5. The entire page of search results can be easily scanned by using Ctl+F and entering a unique segment of the German's name.
  6. If the person in question didn't appear from the search query:
    1. Try variations of the name.
    2. Use other search websites.
    3. Try searching for a relative with the same surname.
    4. Append additional data like employer, school(s) attended, maiden names.
    5. Think outside the box. Use aliases, usernames and other monikers that people might use to identify themselves.
    6. Got a picture of the German? Use search-engines' image search to see what comes up. (This technology, like all others, is in infancy and is being developed.)
    7. Secret: If the German is from a known area, search property history.
    8. Search other regional databases.
    9. Check voter registration roles.
    10. Call the police, magistrates and parole officers. People who get arrested are on their radar.

Find Someone in Germany Find Someone in Germany

It wouldn't readily come to mind of most to think of retaining a detective to find someone in Germany, mostly perhaps because we are all looking for 100% free means to our ends. Online search services in totality will only include info that has been placed there by Germans themselves, people who know or knew the target individual, institutions and agencies who interacted with the person (the law, the military, religious organizations, medical facilities, schools, local, state and federal governments, etc.). If you 're looking to dig up dirt on someone or dig someone up who is dearly departed, trips to local archives like county clerk, tax and incarceration logs and libraries may uncover data that hasn't been catalogued on the worldwide web.

Investigators in Germany can go where no search robot has gone before, like to neighbors' houses, fellow employees of businesses and archives of written documents. They follow leads that are not traceable on the Internet - secrets that haven't been electronically stored anywhere for retrieval. Their people searches in Germany might lead them to places unthought of like poker establishments, massage parlors, strip clubs, Jaycees and Lions Club circles... A congregation or a small town are troves of hidden bits of data stored in the minds of those who were aware of or acquainted with the party.

PIs in Germany are 'licensed' (or should be) and allegedly the registration gives them access not available to the public, i.e. the privileged information cannot be found on the Internet. Those professing the profession suggest that much to be found on 'background search sites' is often misleading, incorrect and downright bogus. A testament to the sanctity of the prized info is the difficulty in finding insight as to the sources to which PI's are privy. The inside sources touted in The Rockford Files and Magnum PI may not exist in the real world - no connect to an insider who will research a license plate. Such intrusions are illegal but then, that does not mean that such relationships exist.

A way to qualify an investigator to work for you is to ask not for references (because you probably won't get any due to privacy and client privilege restraints) is to ask for evidence of past successes or methods of research or qualifications. Anyone making a living at this sort of thing should be well prepared to sell his or her services convincingly. Generally a phone interview is a good starting point and if interested, a face-to-face meeting might lend clues as to the viability of pursuing this avenue of people finding.

Don't count on referrals - not from the sleuth's clientele or from people who might know about snooping because this route is usually taken by people who want to keep it clandestine. Before heading off into this direction though, look into arcane sources on the deceased, the imprisoned and the military. Lots of people were there or are there currently and it's difficult these days to have been somewhere or be somewhere without some kind of trail left behind.

Several thousand Englanders have migrated to Germany and Canada so it may be worth the effort to search major databases for people from England.

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