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For 100% free search finders for people and businesses in or from Hong Kong, go to https://www.google.com.hk/webhp (English) or https://www.google.com.hk/ (Cantonese) to locate them.

Google (and Gmail) are not banned or blocked in Hong Kong. Its search service is readily available at no charge in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan because those areas are not hindered by China's 'Great Firewall' blocking use of Google to find someone in mainland China.

Of course peoplesearch lookup is completely free and advanced, offering search for a person by voice, keywords and images. Whitepages.hk appears to be nothing more than an extension of Google search as its search box is prepopulated with 'Enhanced by Google'.

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PCCW is one of Asia's leading communications public records. As the true incumbent tele provider in Hong Kong is committed to building shareholder value fast by leveraging synergies among its core businesses and partners to deliver total solutions to corporate and consumer customers throughout Asia, particularly in greater China. PCCW provides a spectrum of communications services from local telephony to broadband services to solutions and more.

Long ago England 'conquered' Hong Kong and turned it into a second home for many Englanders. Search HK databases for people from Canada and England as well.

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