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PCCW is one of Asia's leading integrated communications companies. As the incumbent tele provider in Hong Kong, PCCW is committed to building shareholder value by leveraging synergies among its core businesses and partners to deliver total solutions to corporate and consumer customers throughout Asia, particularly in greater China. PCCW provides a spectrum of communications services from local telephony to broadband services to solutions and more.

Following its August 2000 acquisition of Cable & Wireless HKT, PCCW is focused on its transition from a technology driven company into a customer-led, integrated communications services provider.

Formed by Chairman Richard Li, PCCW is listed on The Stock Exchange (SEHK: 0008), with an ADR listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: PCW).

Globally, PCCW employs approximately 12,000 staff, and provides key services in the areas of integrated broadband solutions, connectivity, narrowband and interactive broadband (Internet Services), IT solutions and services and infrastructure.


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