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At first blush many Internet searchers don't think of social network sites as 'search engines' but they are a trove of information about the website users who have volunteered a plethora of information about themselves, down to the music they prefer and the books they've read. While it may be true that people have become more skeptical about giving out personal details for fear of attack, censorship and government spying, the details entered in the past are now recorded in the archives of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others in English and most languages. (Many a young girl will regret those web cam sessions later on when they become wives, mothers, teachers, political figures...)

To lookup someone visit the major social-media platforms and use the people-finder services located at the tops of pages. Unlike search engines, social searches will return pictures of matching search results (where images are available), aiding in the identification of the person sought. If there are too many listings, use more descriptive names like first/middle/last, or enter the name in double quotes to locate only exact matches of the name as it is entered.

People who register with social sites use 'usernames' which act as a 'flag' for the account, allowing people to not offer their real identities if they prefer not to. Don't overlook searching these sites (and search engines) using the username as the search phrase (or keyword(s)). Searching by user name in search engines will often pull up other sites where the person behind the faux name has posted in forums, written reviews and otherwise divulged things about themselves that they may have thought would never be associated with their true identities.

Find Someone in India for Free How Can I Find Someone in India for Free?

Google and other top search engines are huge repositories for finding someone in India completely 100% free. The search results are reasonably accurate using the search functions on web pages provided. Google is the largest of the group and based upon experience, is most likely to return more results and more useful data.

Another source of information that doesn't readily come to mind are sites like Craigs List where posts about finding someone or being located are free. (OLX and Quikr are Indian versions of craigslist.) This is a different approach from peoplesearch services. It functions similar to an old-time newspaper ad where the poster is hoping the 'ad' will be discovered by the target being sought.

Craigslist and other similar services expand their usefulness by allowing users to be specific about that which they seek - a mate, a used lawn mower, a place to live or rent... a fishing guide, a special-interest group or a something to sell.

Sometimes people can turn up in neighboring countries like Bangledesh, next door to India. Searching local databases in near-by states will definitely produce different and possibly more productive results.

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