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This search site is Japan's iTownPage, presented to Internet visitors in both Japanese and English (although some of translations leave a little to be desired). iTownPage has over 11 million entries of Town Page information nationwide. Visitors can search by category (the site has a category browser with a list of categories), by name, or by region (the site also provides a regional browser). The iTownPage search tool also provides a means for searching for or looking up Japanese shops and companies' telephone numbers and addresses.

iTownPage also offers sightseeing information, daily Japanese life and customs information, and a guide for train lines (all of which are presented for the benefit of tourists). There are links to many overseas websites on iTownPage - sites in America, Canada, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, South Korea, Macau, and New Zealand.

Launched in 1996, iTownPage was created and is provided by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Directory Services Co. NTT itself was established in 1998, is based in Tokyo, and is currently under the direction of Takahiko Yamaguchi, President.

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