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🉑 Use free secret people searching sites for finding Japanese people, addresses, phone numbers, birth, death, marriage and divorce records.

Find Someone In Japan How Can I Find Someone In Japan?

Find someone in Japan by searching two repositories of personal information: the residential registry and the Honseki - the Japanese Citizen Registration System.

City hall maintains certification of residence in the Juminhyo which includes the names of people, dates of birth, Honseki (the domicile), current and previous addresses, and family members at the same address.

When a family member leaves, city hall deletes the address of record after 5 years so finding people based upon a previous residence address becomes nearly impossible.

Every Japanese citizen has a record in the Koseki storing all data. With Honseki everything about people can be accessed including living status, address history and relatives.

Three groups of people now have access to The Koseki:

There are two things required for accessing Koseki Records:

🉑 Japanese people are private by nature and somewhat difficult to locate. Someone who doesn't volunteer personal information on world-wide websites (like Facebook) may be hard to find online. Of the many people who do use FB accounts, do not use their real names, rendering people search on social websites largely ineffective. (Facebook is mostly popular in the younger generation and even losing popularity there. LINE is the most popular people look-up network but it is not searchable by real name.)

Personal information (like email addresses) stored is not readily available for lookup as the government is very protective of peoples' privacy. There are no public-record search engines except real estate and company registrations.

Free People Search in Japan Free People Search in Japan

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Japan Reference Tools maintains a forum member lounge represented by this website description: "Lost contact with a person you want to find? Here's your forum to post such requests."

The website appears to be quite useful with plentiful resources for all things Japanese: '...a language and study guide with a travel section, a forum, sections on Japanese language, a photo gallery, and an extensive directory started in 1999'.

Ieropeji is a fast Japanese search utility mainly designed for use by people who are not in Japan but who wish to Japanese their white or yellow pages. It's use by ppl in countries other than Japan is somewhat limited, however, by the fact that it is written strictly in Japanese. But if you have a translator program, you can navigate the site fairly easily, providing you know what you're looking for.

The site offers yellow pages, white pages and maps. Searches can be done by activity, product or service (featuring a drop-down list of activities), or by profession. There is an optional filter by geographical zone whereby one can search by district/locality or department. There is a reverse phone number search feature, as well as an Internet search tool. Other lookups and/or features offered at this site include area codes, international codes, zip codes and e-mail addresses.

A whole bunch of Philippinos visit and work in Japan. Try using international search sites with a Filipino's name and append 'Japan' to the query to see if results can be found that way.

Links on the peoplesearch website include text messaging via BellSouth, Nextel, PE Telefonica MoviStar and TIM. Other links take visitors to national and international online daily news magazines. All of Japan's three telephone services (Telefonica del Japan, Tele 2000 Bell South and AT&T) are represented.

People Search by Name People Search by Name

Japan's totally-free search-by-name service had been provided in both Japanese and English (although some of translations leave a little to be desired) but today there is no apparent link or option to translate, making it necessary to right click on the site and use Chrome's translator.

The i-Town Page Mobile Site provided search by mobile phone at no charge but was ended in October of 2019. The website owner suggests using the pc version on mobile devices.

iTownPage has over 11 million entries of information nationwide. Visitors can search by category (the site has a category browser with a list of categories), by name, or by region (the site also provides a regional browser). The iTownPage search tool also provides a means for searching for or looking up Japanese shops and companies' telephone numbers and addresses.

'Business iTown' was stopped in March, 2019 and 'JP Tips' was discontinued in July, 2019.

People Finder - Japan Google People Finder - Japan

Clicking on 'I'm looking for someone' on Google Person Finder refers search functions to J-anpi anpi jouhou matomete kensaku service ("J-anpi") operated by NTT Resonant Inc. - not a service of Google. The database currently tracks 254,400 people records.

The 'I have information about someone' option provides options to add your own info or that of other people. Attempting to submit this author's information resulted in a surprise option: "Extend expiration date by 60 days" so apparently any data submitted is retained for a short period of time, leaving people to wonder about the utility of the service and why it would appear first in search results for 'advanced people search Japan'.

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