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New Zealand People Search

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Search for people now in New Zealand (NZ) using totally free people-finder databases like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Look up people by name, landline and cell phone numbers, email and physical address.

On any search (engine) website, in the search field, enter the names of people sought in double quotation marks to lessen the number of search returns and focus exactly on ppl with the names entered. For example, copy/paste this into the search field and search: "Russell Crowe".

To help eliminate records of people by that name, append New Zealand to the name in quotes to see only people by that name in or from NZ.

Using this technique on for the most famous New Zealander, (Russell Crowe) returns nothing. Searches of other common names from that land also return nothing. The 'registry' appears to have only 19 entries. Searches in these 'categories' appear to have the same result: Adoption Search, Business & Financial, International, Internet and Email, Missing Persons, Occupational Searches, Phone and Address, Professional Services, Public Records, School and University. It would appear that the owner of this website managed to achieve a top listing in Google for 'people search new zealand' and related terms by using those keywords in the domain name and title of the website home page.

When using search-engine data search services, try different ones as they don't all crawl the same websites or all of the websites in the world. Some content is bound to be different, especially in localized databases that only include data about people from specific countries or regions.

Also note that in viewing search results, the first listings of services at the top of the page are 100% paid ads. More than likely visiting any of those sites will lead to paid search results. After the last paid ad in the display, the first listing will be of the first website than ranks highest for the search phrase used. Here again, even if the title and description of the listing herald 'free' no-charge services, the amount and quality of search results may be limited or disappointing, and only leading to paid search.

Fast N. Zealand Reverse Phone Search

Use landline or cell phone numbers to search for people in the service shown below. Press the green button to perform a reverse phone search' for unlisted, personal and business phone numbers.

When viewing the search results remember that previous owners of the phone number searched may be presented as well. It's unlikely that those people would know anything about the person to whom the phone number is currently assigned.

A simple way of finding the user of the number is to dial the number, explain why you're calling and ask the person if he or she is willing to disclose his or her name.

New Zealand White Pages

A more reliable database of people information might be the N. Zealand White Pages where results are returned for a number of search inquiries. The site includes a handy map feature indicating the location of each person or business matching the search parameters. Left mouse click zooms in. Right mouse click zooms out. The focus of the map (area displayed) can be dragged and includes the areas of Auckland Region, Bay Of Plenty, Canterbury Region and Gisborne Region. Clicking the 'more link' displays more areas: West Coast, Wellington Region, Wanganui Region, Wairarapa, Waikato Region, Timaru Oamaru Region, Taranaki, Southland Region, Otago, Northland, Nelson Region, Marlborough Region, Manawatu Region and Hawkes Bay.

Search listings include name, address and links for showing a phone number as well as directions from your location to the target's location. Search results can be saved, bookmarked and shared.

If people being targeted can't be found, drill down through search listings for 'advanced people search New Zealand' and look for arcane sources like property records, digitized newspapers (which include obituaries), archives in educational institutions and voter rolls. Regional or country tax assessors and collectors will also have current and historical information on real estate ownership.

New Zealand Property Records Search

LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) grants access to survey and title records kept for 'the Crown' (England) which controls New Zealand as a British Colony under the rule of a constitutional monarch (Queen Elizabeth II) who guarantees title to land. Land records store current accurate legal ownership of every square inch of privately-owned real estate in New Zealand as well has historical data which reveals registered transactions including dates, property descriptions (with legal boundaries from survey dimensions) and parties involved.

All of this information is stored in an electronic database named 'Landonline' which apparently is only accessible by licensed surveyors, conveyancers and attorneys (although professional assistance is available with research of historical information and the institution will entertain requests from the public for changes to minor issues like misspellings and incorrect legal descriptions). The archive includes scans of old paper documents in the Archives New Zealand Online Archway.

'Accessibility' refers to accessing the database for the purpose of entering or changing entries. Search of the database is open to the public and include historic Crown paper files, forms of documentation of land ownership and transfer, abstracts and journals, deeds, field books and notes, Cadastral Surveys, mortgage records and Records of Title.

Anyone can buy a copy of a title of N. Zealand property, search for land records, order a copy of or correct a land record.

New Zealand and Facebook

There are thousands of members in several groups in N. Zealand who may be queried about people being sought. Between the official Facebook page for New Zealand, the travel forum and immigration, there are about sixty-one thousand individuals. There are also groups for jobs, trade, work from home, marketplace, moving, dating and singles, music and speciality groups for backpackers, camping and tramping, ride share, buy and sell, linemen, Brits, Indians, Malayalees, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and South Africans.

The New Zealand Labour Party has it's own Facebook page with one thousand eight hundred eighty plus followers making it a good resource for posting inquiries about people, especially if it they are known to be members of the party.

Business Search

'Yellow for your business' appears to be an invitation to business owners to pay for commercial listings: "Get customers finding you instead of you chasing them. We've got smart, cost-effective solutions that work hard for your business." Searching for a business appears to be completely freebut the solicitation is for pay-per-click ads.

Globally YP employs approximately 12,000 staff and provides key services in the areas of integrated broadband solutions, connectivity, narrow band and interactive broadband (Internet Services), IT solutions and services and infrastructure.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean comprising the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) and the North Island (Te-Ika-a-Maui), and numerous smaller islands. NZ is a member of British Commonwealth and has an area of 268,680 km2 (103,738 sq mi). The largest city is Auckland and the capital is Wellington.

The name of the country "New Zealand" originated from 'Nova Zeelandia' with Dutch cartographers, after the Dutch province of "Zeeland". James Cook, the British explorer, anglicized it to New Zealand.

It is the only country in which all the highest offices have been occupied by women: Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias, Speaker of the House of Representatives Margaret Wilson, Prime Minister Helen Clark, Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright and Queen Elizabeth II were all in office between March 2005 and August 2006.

N Zealand has a developed, prosperous, modern economy with 106$ billion (estimated 2006 gross domestic product - 'GDP'). People have high living standard with a nation's estimated $26,000 GDP per capita. NZ also ranked 20th place on the 2006 Human Development Index and 15th world-wide quality-of-life index in The Economist's 2005.

The country heavily depends on trade, particularly in agricultural products. This leaves the nation to be vulnerable to slumps in global economic slowdowns and commodity prices. Its principal industries are horticulture, forestry, agriculture and fishing making up about half of the exports.

N. Zealand's diverse multi-cultural population is about 4 M (approx. 78% European descent). NZ is one of the least crowded countries in the world. People in New Zealand are called New Zealanders. The Indigenous Maori, the first settlers, is one of the largest minorities of about 14% of the population. The New Zealanders of European decent are known as "Pakeha". Most Pakeha are of Irish and British ancestry.

Linkedin is a site that is great for meeting business professionals in your field or similar ones to connect with. To get the most out of it you should make yourself a profile. In fact if you don't have a profile there is not much use to the site. It is made to network so if you don't take advantage of the social aspect you are just left with a search bar. However if you have found that networks are just useless displays then you can go directly to the search for jobs. You can plug in your city or the company that you want to work in or for and go from there. From here you can see what is going on Linkedin in terms of jobs which is why most people frequent the site in the first place. You will see that Linkedin offers a plethora of wealth when it comes to this. One thing that I found when I had a Linkedin account is that it was easy to look up the people that I went to school with. I went to a small university and sometimes I wanted to see if I could reconnect with people on a business level. I never really found that I made connections outside of people that I was friends with but you can still ask others questions. Out of professional courtesy a lot of them will answer especially given your shared history. These answers should be taken with a grain of salt but can help if you're in an immediate pinch with a business situation.

MySpace was very popular in the 90s. MySpace was everything when it came to finding new bands and new people. Some people even utilized it as a dating site as well. I did once and I went on a date with a very nice guy in my city that friended me. It didn't work out long term probably because we connected on a superficial level but I still found him to be one of the nicer guys I've gone on a date with despite our differences. Ultimately nowadays it is not the largest social networking site. However from 2005 to 2008 it still was so it had a nice run. Even if you don't want an account you can go to the main site and search for anything. They give you some hints on what to search for on their website. For example they have a news section with headlines and pictures that rotate at the top. Given what MySpace was created to do it makes sense that they suggest music videos and people on the left-hand side. This gives you a taste of why everyone knew that MySpace was the place to lookup info on your favorite band. People even used to connect with the bands and attempt to create a discourse.

Information in Reports

"Your report WILL REVEAL important court records and sensitive legal dispatch. This may include felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic tickets. You may also uncover Civil Judgments against John, which may include the judgment type, the amount owed, and the name of the judgment creditor. Your report WILL REVEAL that the name John Smith IS on a Government Watch List supplied by the DOJ, FBI, CIA, INTERPOL or another government agency. Please continue to see all associated watch list details."

"The sex offenders section of your [people-search] report gives a complete list of registered sex offenders that live near John, when available. We show the names, addresses, and possibly even photos of sex offenders in the area and point out where they live on a map. If you search yourself, you can see if there are sex offenders living near you."

"The arrest records section of your report WILL SHOW arrest or conviction records. We will reveal arrest details from case numbers ( XXXXX-2013 XXXXX-8-08 XXXXX-_JOH ), offense descriptions from these cases as well as booking dates and sentencing info! Our report features arrest records compiled from three separate data sources to ensure accuracy."

"The finances section of John's report may reveal an embarrassing financial history which may include bankruptcies, foreclosures, tax liens, and evictions. You may even uncover whether John has any assets at risk of being taken away (a UCC Filing). This report WILL UNCOVER values about John's assets, including property ownership (value and location), mortgages (the amount borrowed and the year it should be paid off), and whether the property has been refinanced."

"This Is Why You NEED to See This Report"

"Imagine finally knowing the truth and not having to worry any longer. The reason you started this search was to get answers. Truthfondler has helped countless users find what they deserve to know. We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and quality reports, with over 100,000 5-star reviews."

"Why do so many people trust Truthfondler? We scour people-search data from specialized sources to give you valuable, accurate accounts in one location, which may include:"

"Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Locations, Criminal Records, Financial Assets, Education & Employment, Sex Offender Info, Relatives & Associates and Much More!"

New Zealand also provides 24-hour information services and an avant-garde telephone information service (Dimmitutto). Italy is no longer just telephone services, but is a provider of a wide range of Internet services and an effective line of fee-based services for small and medium-sized businesses and professionals: Contacts Lists - an updated database of phone numbers, names and addresses; Dream Assistant - a dedicated team of operators manages appointment diaries and answers customer calls; Company Explorer - obtain information on all aspects of a particular company with just a simple phone call.

People Search Charades

Truthfondler: "This site contains background reports, photos, court documents, addresses, phone numbers, civil judgments, properties owned, and much more. Please BE CAREFUL when conducting a search and ensure all the data you enter is accurate."

"Learning the truth about the history of your family and friends can be shocking, so please be cautious when using this tool."

"Truthfondler does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. We provide a lot of sensitive intelligence that can be used to satisfy your curiosity, protect your family, and find the truth about the people in your life. You may not use our service or the info it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employees, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purposes that would require FCRA compliance."

Link: I Understand

Then, "I will not use this service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance." (No explanation of FCRA is provided. "The Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681, is U.S. Federal Government legislation enacted to promote the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of consumer information contained in the files of consumer reporting agencies." Wikipedia

Oozing on, "CAUTION: .. This background report may be very graphic. We do not censor our reports. (Yeah! we might see some skin or some blood!) We trust you (barf) to use this information responsibly. (level of patronization noted) Please do not abuse this tool, or we could be forced to take it offline. (the pinnacle of nonsense reached at this point) The content of the report might surprise you, (again?) so please prepare yourself for the unexpected." Rephrased, 'You people are morons for having gone down this rabbit hole. It's not surprising that you're still clicking on this bait trail.'

The age of the website user is asked and submitted.

Next we're presented with a meaningless assurance that 'your private info' is 'secured using an SSL Certificate'. What info? We haven't given you anything but year of birth!

"Do you believe John has any bankruptcies, mortgages, or assets of any kind?"

I don't know.

"Our data sources have uncovered assets for John Smith in PA worth over $130,000 dollars." (It is not necessary to spell out the currency when the currency symbol is preset, duh.)

"We scour data from specialized sources all over the internet to give you valuable information in one location."

"Our Background Reports may contain criminal records from multiple data sources, contact info, sex offender data, financial history, online activity and so much more."

Your report is available instantly! Some services take weeks to get you your reports. Why wait?

The next screen is where we start trapping data about you! You're asked for your first name preceded by an assurance in small blue letters, "Your Information Is Secure". Just kidding of course. Any business that would indulge in a sham like this certainly shouldn't be trusted with your personal details but the hope is that you will not only do that but provide a lot more knowledge about yourself, including your credit card numbers!

Yep, next screen is ready for your last name. Next - ah, then your email address. Catchy.

"Your privacy is important to us! We take protecting your privacy seriously and do not sell your personal data from this form to anyone. Your email address is used as your username and to save your report."

On this screen you're finally presented with an opportunity, albeit in the smallest text on the page, "By clicking "Continue to Report" you represent that you are over 18 year of age (so you'll be bound by the agreements you'll have to make to get to the disclosures) and have agreed to our terms of use, privacy policy and you agree to receive email from ..." TruthFondler. Be prepared to be e-bombed with email advertising.

"Some reports feature user comments which may contain Embarrassing or surprising insider intelligence. (ooooh, "insider". Must be good!) By continuing (sucker), you are acknowledging that you may see comments written by real people (right) that expose (oh my!) additional details about John Smith." Get this:


Oh let's fall for it and check the box then hit that continue button.

Ugh. More? "John's report may contain graphic content that we can only reveal in a secure sessions. Please check the box below to unlock secure access and view your report" followed by this bait:

"Millions of records are posted online and updated daily, and Truthfondler continually searches for new data and adds it to reports the minute it becomes available. Don’t worry about refreshing John’s report or checking in every week to look for new intelligence, with TruthFondler Report Monitoring. John Smith might want to keep secrets from you, but you can rest assured that you’ll be notified via your choice of text, email or alerts of new or updated criminal records, social media profiles, possible photos, contact info, nearby sex offenders, financial and civil judgments, and more!"

The next step in our search for people is to enter the name of the person sought and location, indicate male or female, and watch fake images of people rotate in a circular window while buttons populate with enticing suggestive names like Address Info, Arrest Records, Assets, Bankruptcies, Court Records, Felonies, Judgements (sp), Misdemeanors, Mug Shots (what?), Online Profiles, Phone Numbers, Relatives, Sexual Offenses, Traffic Offenses and Weapons Permits - all alluring trigger words suggesting the results that may be discovered.

On the side is a scrolling window titled, "Happy users are talking..." with testimonials by alleged users identified only by first name and last initial. "Thank you for not being a scam website." Right on...

The next screen asks for additional intelligence about the targeted individual, stating that a plethora of results have been discovered and the copious returns need to be narrowed in scope. The requested info however is only middle initial and age (with an option to skip the screen). A big button leads to 'CONTINUE TO RESULTS'. Leading, yes... and with an alleged 97 returns for 'John Smith' in our test, the same screen keeps popping up, asking for age or middle initial. Choosing the 'skip option' closed the screen and presented records of people named 'John Smith', are, current and pas cities and states of residence, each with an enticing bright-orange button which reads "OPEN REPORT". Ok, lets... A pop-up window appears with a come-on reinforcer: "The contents of this report may shock you!" Seriously?

Ok, let's open it. We're presented with this bread crumb: "Please wait. John's report contained A LOT of info!"

A progress windows spins as a screen is presented, titled 'Finances' with subtopics of Financial Hardship, Tax Liens, Assets at Risk, Refinances, Evictions, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Property and Asset Value, Foreclosures, Mortgage Information, Vehicle Ownership.

The question is then asked, "Do you suspect that John Smith has a criminal records?" with options of 'Yes', 'No' and 'I don't know'. Let's choose the latter...

This pops up: "You may be shocked to find out John does have a possible criminal record." {'Does' emphasized in italics says that he does have a record (enticement) and 'possible' hedges the assurance that he does.} Slimy...

"After viewing John's report, will you use your UNLIMITED access to search for more people" Yes. No. Oh, I don't know. Let's go with 'Yes'.

"That's great! Not only can you search for John, but friends, family, neighbors, or even celebrities."

"The personal lowdown section of your report may include John's full legal name. It may also reveal known aliases and nicknames. It will also show that John is 92, lived in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, and that (XXX) XXX-1851 is listed as one of their phone numbers, and that is listed as one of their email addresses. You may also uncover John's work and education history."

"The social media profiles section of your report may contain declarations regarding John's social media activity. This may contain online profiles, forgotten social media accounts, websites visited, photos, videos, dating profiles and other potentially embarrassing online profiles. The report may also reveal additional contact info, giving you more ways to get in touch."

"Our location section will include a full history of known addresses for John Smith. When available, we offer satellite pictures of their locations in West Mifflin, PA, Wood Dale, IL, Woodside, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Bridgeville, PA, Manchester, NH, Chesterfield, MI, and an interactive map that allows you to discover census data for various neighborhoods."

"The licenses and permits section may reveal Federally-issued licenses such as Concealed Carry Permits, Hunting Permits, Weapons Permits and more. You may also uncover Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot licenses and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) licenses for prescribing controlled pharmaceuticals."

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