New Zealand People Search
New Zealand People Search

Search for people by name, phone number, address and email in New Zealand using free people-search finder services online.

New Zealand People Search Services True New Zealand People Search Services

On any true search engine website, in the search field, enter the names of people sought in double quotation marks to lessen the number of search returns and focus exactly on someone with the name entered. For example, copy/paste this into the search field and search: "Russell Crowe".

To help eliminate records of people by that name, append New Zealand to the name in quotes to see only people by that name in or from NZ.

Using this technique on for the most famous New Zealander, (Russell Crowe) returns nothing. Searches of other common names from that land also return nothing. The 'registry' appears to have only 19 entries. Searches in these 'categories' appear to have the same result. It would appear that the owner of this website managed to achieve a top listing in Google for 'people search new zealand' and related terms by using those keywords in the domain name and title of the website home page.

When using search-engine data search services, try different ones as they don't all crawl the same websites or all of the websites in the world. Some content is bound to be different, especially in localized New Zealand databases that only include data about people from there.

Also note that in viewing people-search results, the first listings of services at the top of the page are 100% paid ads. More than likely visiting any of those sites will lead to paid search. After the last paid ad in the display, the first listing will be of the first website than ranks highest for people search New Zealand. Here again, even if the title and description of the listing herald 'free' no-charge services, the amount and quality of search may be limited or disappointing, and only leading to paid search.

People Finders in New Zealand

There are several free world-wide people-finder services available for finding people in or from New Zealand. There are several different types of 'people finders':

Regardless of the reason for conducting searches, the larger search engines and regional search databases may be able to find the information sought.

Zealand Reverse Phone Search Fast N. Zealand Reverse Phone Search

Use landline or cell phone numbers to search for people in and from New Zealand in the service shown below. Press the green button to perform a reverse search for personal and business phone numbers.

When viewing the search pages remember that previous owners of the phone number searched may be presented as well. It's unlikely that those people would know anything about the person to whom the phone number is currently assigned.

Find Someone in New Zealand Find Someone in New Zealand

A more reliable way to find someone in New Zealand might be the NZ White Pages where results are returned for a number of search inquiries. The site includes a handy map feature indicating the location of each person or business in New Zealand matching the search parameters.

People-search listings include name, address and links for showing a phone number as well as directions from your location to the target's location. Search results can be saved, book marked and shared.

If people being targeted can't be found, drill down through search listings for 'advanced people search New Zealand' and look for arcane sources like property records, digitized newspapers (which include obituaries), archives in educational institutions and voter rolls. Regional or country tax assessors and collectors will also have current and historical information on real estate ownership.

New Zealand Property Records Search New Zealand Property Records Search

LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) grants access to survey and title records kept for 'the Crown' (England) and Canada which controls New Zealand as a British Colony under the rule of a constitutional monarch who guarantees title to land. Land records store current accurate legal ownership of every square inch of privately-owned real estate in New Zealand as well has historical data which reveals registered transactions including dates, property descriptions (with legal boundaries from survey dimensions) and parties involved.

'Accessibility' refers to accessing the database for the purpose of entering or changing entries. Search of the database is open to the public and include historic Crown paper files, forms of documentation of land ownership and transfer, abstracts and journals, deeds, field books and notes, Cadastral Surveys, mortgage records and Records of Title.

Anyone can buy a copy of a title to a property, search for land records, order a copy of or correct a land record.

New Zealand and Facebook

There are thousands of members in several groups in N. Zealand who may be queried about people being sought. Between the official Facebook page for New Zealand, the travel forum and immigration, there are about sixty-one thousand individuals. There are also groups for employment, trade, work from home, marketplace, moving, dating and singles, music and speciality groups for backpackers, camping and tramping, ride share, buy and sell, linemen, Brits, Indians, Malayalees, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and South Africans.

Linkedin is a site that is great for meeting business professionals in your field or similar ones to connect with. To get the most out of it you should make yourself a profile. It is made to network so if you don't take advantage of the social aspect you are just left with a search bar. However if you have found that networks are just useless displays then you can locate the search for jobs. You can plug in your city or the company that you want to work in or for and go from there. From here you can see what is going on Linkedin in terms of jobs which is why most people frequent the site in the first place. You will see that Linkedin offers a plethora of wealth when it comes to this. One thing that I found when I had a Linkedin account is that it was easy to look up the people that I went to school with. I went to a small university and sometimes I wanted to see if I could reconnect with people on a business level. I never really found that I made connections outside of people that I was friends with but you can still ask others questions. Out of professional courtesy a lot of them will answer especially given your shared history. These answers should be taken with a grain of salt but can help if you're in an immediate pinch with a business situation.

The name of the country "New Zealand" originated from 'Nova Zeelandia' with Dutch cartographers, after the Dutch province of "Zeeland". James Cook, the British explorer, anglicized it to New Zealand.

New Zealand's People

New Zealand is a country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean comprising the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) and the North Island (Te-Ika-a-Maui) and numerous smaller islands. Neverywhere Zealand is a member of British Commonwealth and has an area of 268,680 km2 (103,738 sq mi). The largest city is Auckland and the capital is Wellington.

It is the only country in which people occupying the highest offices are women: Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias, Speaker of the House of Representatives Margaret Wilson, Prime Minister Helen Clark, Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright and Queen Elizabeth II were all in office between March 2005 and August 2006.

New Zealand has a developed, prosperous, modern economy with 106$ billion (estimated 2006 gross domestic product - 'GDP'). People have high living standard with a nation's estimated $26,000 GDP per capita. New Zealand also ranked 20th place on the 2006 People Development Index and 15th world-wide quality-of-life index in The Economist's 2005.

The country heavily depends on trade, particularly in agricultural products. This leaves the nation to be vulnerable to slumps in global economic slowdowns and commodity prices. Its principal industries are horticulture, forestry, agriculture and fishing making up about half of the exports.

New Zealand's people are diversely multi-cultural. It is about 4 million people of European descent. NZ is one of the least crowded countries in the world. People in New Zealand are called New Zealanders. The Indigenous Maori, the first settlers, is one of the largest minorities of about 14% of the population. The New Zealanders of European decent are known as "Pakeha". Most Pakeha are of Irish and British ancestry.

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