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People Search Texas

Texas is one of the states of United States of America located in the Southern and Western regions. It has an area of 268,581 square miles (695,622 km?), next widest area behind Alaska.

Texas has a population of 23.5 million in 254 counties - second-largest population. One out of two Texans resides in Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston - 3 of the 25 metropolitan areas of TX. Eighty-three percent of Texas' population is whites. Recorded ancestry group include: Scots-Irish (7.2%), English (7.2%), African American (10.5%), German (10.9%) and Mexican (25.3%). Some descendants of these ancestry groups are unrecorded.

Descendants from ancestors from Ireland and Great Britain settled in much of north, central, and east region. Texans of German descent settled in much of southeast-central and central part of the state. Parts of east TX are inhabited by African American. In recent years, Asian-American population in TX has been growing especially in Dallas and in Houston.

Hispanic population gradually increases because of illegal immigrants from Latin America countries, primarily Mexico, look for work. TX has the 2nd Hispanic population which dominates the south, south-central, and west Texas.

TX has become a diverse and an international place to live because of many academic institutions, energy, manufacturing and aerospace industries.

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