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Peru People Finders

, also known as Peru People Finders, is a Peruvian people lookup utility mainly designed for use by ppl who are not in Peru but who wish to peruse their white or yellow pages. Its use by finders in countries in the world other than Peru is somewhat limited, however, by the fact that is written strictly in Spanish. Navigate the totally free search engine in English, lookup the person in question then right click on the page and select 'Translate to Spanish' or something similar.

The site offers yellow pages, white pages and maps. Searches can be done completely free by person, activity, product or service (featuring a drop-down list of activities), or by profession. There is an optional find filter by geographical zone whereby one can search by district/locality or department. There is a reverse phone number search feature, as well as an Internet locate tool. Other lookups and/or features offered at this site include area codes, international codes, zip codes and e-mail addresses.

Links on the peoplesearch website include text messaging via BellSouth, Nextel, PE Telefonica MoviStar and TIM. Other links take visitors to national and international online daily news magazines. All of Peru's three telephone services (Telefonica del Mexico, Tele 2000 Bell South and AT&T) are represented by .

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