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Find Someone In The Philippines How Do I Find Someone In The Philippines?

Finding someone in the Philippines can be as easy as searching social sites. Number one on the sites most likely to have information about people in or from the Philippines is Facebook. Perhaps more than any other nation, the Philippines is the hub of Facebook popularity and use. A Filipino without a page is totally uncool. A page is second only to peoples' cell-phone numbers.

The next-most-likely type of websites for people search are dating sites with the limitation that real personal data (real name, etc) isn't often used. Still, if a username is known, Googling might help lookup the person in question. How many 'pantsonfire69' can there be? Yes, search engines like Google 'spider' dating sites, ie, they access the sites, record the information found, rank it and present it.

Find someone by name How can I find someone by name?

If you've ever visited the Philippines and spent time at the local level, it's readily apparent that many people don't work. Money is scarce, so entertainment options are limited, pretty much enslaving people to their cell phones and the obsessive pastime of 'texting' and searching the Internet.

Still the majority of the Philippines people don't have or can't afford a cell phone and that is responsible, in part, for the huge increase in the number of Internet cafes. Combine that with those who have access to the Internet on cell phones - the 'majority' of younger people is connected to the outside world via the Worldwide Web.

Searching for people in the Philippines was very difficult pre-Internet. True search for Filipinos required shoe leather and miles to visit localities where the person may have hailed from, visited or resided because communication outside closed Philippino communities was nearly nonexistent, which also accounts for the fact that one hundred seventy languages are spoken.

The upside to the PI search might have been that people being sought might have been known by a large number of people within the community, making him or her more easily found.

People Search Philippines - Manila

Attempting multiple searches for anyone in Manila on returned a message saying 'REQUEST DENIED' leaving the impression that the site is only a front for attempts to get clicks on one of six display ads heavily splattered in the upper part of the page. There's also an apparent phishing scheme with an offer to enter an email address for the "latest news and updates". Refreshing the page returns the same content. Searching from the 'resources' page for very common Filipino names returns nothing: "No entries were found. Showing zero results." The 'about us' page is entirely b.s. and from all appearances this 'website' is nothing more than a shell whose owner hopes to make money from ad clicks and possibly gather emails addresses for purposes unknown. This site links to 'sister sites' like where the same thing was experienced: no functional search.

Over the years many people from the Philippines have visited or moved to Vietnam for it's cheap living, advancing culture and proximity. Try searching there as well for Filipinos.

Search for People in Cebu Search for People in Cebu

In a 'small' community like Cebu, as in most locations throughout the world, there are 'circles of people' who not only know each other but know others in other circles. Looking for someone? "I know a guy who knows a guy who knows people."

Tapping into a group of people is like pulling on a thread of a sweater. As you delve into the members of a group, investigation opens pyramids of friends and acquaintances that can be drilled down to people sought.

The search can be conducted in person locally or at the keyboard. As with everywhere, people are more likely to divulge information about other people in person, but on the Internet, that bond of trust doesn't exist.

A best place to begin a search locally for people in the Philippines is with the Barnagay police. Members of the department have been around forever, involved in every domestic instance and have tentacles reaching into everything from Philippines government positions to the lowest people in squatters' areas.

Especially for ex-pats, you absolutely must align with Ariel Palcuto. Search his name to learn about him. Get to know him. Powerful man. Former NBI head and from personal experience, one of the most dependable people in the Philippines you'll ever know, and want to know in your stay. Your 'get out of jail card'. Talking from experience.

When looking for people, good sources are those people who come in contact with a large number of and a wide variety of people. Some people and places that don't readily come to mind are the US embassasy (under the Waterfront hotel) and people working at local barangays. Branching out from there are poker rooms. Accessing them are like expanding outwards in a network of acquaintances.

People Search in the Philippines Local People Search in the Philippines

If you're in the hood looking for people, here are some possible sources of information that may not come readily to mind:

People Finders in the Philippines

There are several free people finders for finding someone in or from the Philippines, as well as a variety of reasons for locating them. Primarily in the Philippines people are looking for people the know or would like to know (relationships). Secondarily people are sought for what they have to offer like services. Most people-finder services are online are free.

Public Records Philippines

You can't completely obliterate public information on yourself, especially is you've been in contact with government agencies or the court system. Reducing your digital footprint significantly in public records is however possible through:

Politicians and Actors

Any person of notoriety should be 'findable' searching in Google, Yahoo or MSN - the top three search engines in the English-speaking world. (English is the second language in the Philippines.) Rising in popularity is a search service named DuckDuckGo followed by Ask and AOL. Looking for someone of Chinese background? Try Baidu.

Filpinos People Search and Migration Filpinos People Search and Migration

Filipinos and Filipinas are scattered internationally, mostly in the United States.

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