The home is valued by the county at $494,000.

Disabled Vet

With 100% disability property taxes are waived, leaving P&I of $1,775 plus $193 for insurance and $50 for HOA dues. Assuming a 3% per year appreciation, the property increases in value by $1,100 per month. The loan principal reduces by $759 per month (based upon the current loan). The NET COST of living here, based upon those figures, is $133 per month. The office is very large and could be a self-contained rental unit for perhaps $1,000 per month. It could also serve as a 2nd master bedroom for a roommate.

VA Assumable

The VA loan is assumable. The current balance is $375,000 as of 7/11/18 and reduces by $759 per month. The current interest rate is 3.25% and is adjustable with a 2% cap. The current P&I is $1,775 with the next increase in interest due in November.


A lease/purchase option is available. Terms are negotiated but basically, the down payment would be the difference between loan balance and appraised value.


There are no liens or secondary loans.

Taxes, Insurance and HOA Dues

County tax is $691 and subject to reduction for VA disability. Insurance is $193. Homeowner dues are $50 per month payable semi-annually. The have been no assessments and none are planned.