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Free information may be available about Romanians and visitors to the country in searchable public archives. Find names, numbers, locations.

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Unlimited totally free searching online for people in or from Romania. Find Romanians' phone numbers, addresses and personal information at no charge. Reverse search using any information about a person. In the form below enter first and last name then click on "Start Search".

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Completely free White Pages RO public records provides a fast finder engine (below) to enter a last and first name, a reverse phone number, a district and a city for advanced people search. Complete the fields below and click on 'Searching' to attempt to locate the person.

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Find Someone in Romania Find Someone in Romania

A simple way to find someone in Romania is the enter someone's last name (only) in the search field of a large search engine directory and view the results. Finding someone internationally is usually a process adding 'search qualifiers' like a suspected address and/or postal code. Searching just last name and date or year of birth may help bring someone to the top of search results.

Searching for people in Romania, whether they are old friends, distant relatives, or individuals for professional reasons, involves a series of strategic steps. Utilizing the digital landscape, understanding local resources, and employing social strategies can significantly increase your success rate. Here's an expanded guide on how to effectively conduct your search:

1. Online Databases and Social Media Platforms

The digital era has made it easier to find people across the globe, including Romania. Here are more specific tips for using online tools:

2. Romanian Government Websites

Accessing public records through government portals can be a bit more challenging but very useful. Here are some steps and considerations:

3. Contacting Local Authorities

Engaging with local authorities requires a respectful and formal approach. Here's how you can proceed:

4. Hiring a Private Investigator

For more complex searches, a private investigator (PI) can provide professional services:

5. Utilizing Genealogy Websites

For those tracing family roots or looking for relatives, genealogy sites offer a treasure trove of information:

6. Networking and Local Contacts

Never underestimate the power of networking. Here are ways to expand your search through personal connections:

7. Legal and Ethical Considerations

It's crucial to navigate your search within the boundaries of the law and ethics:


Finding someone in Romania can be a multifaceted process that combines digital searches with traditional methods. By approaching your search with respect, patience, and utilizing a variety of resources, you stand a good chance of successfully locating the person you wish to find. Remember to consider the ethical implications of your search and to respect the privacy and wishes of those you seek.

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