Singapore People Search
Singapore People Search

Search free services for records related to Singaporeans in and from Singapore: property ownership, social profiles, addresses, phone numbers, pictures and any piece of information registered online.

Searching in Singapore Who Can I Find Searching in Singapore

There are several types of people to be located in Singapore completely-free websites: family, friends, lovers, doctors, detectives, criminals (records) and clergymen to name a few.

The largest repository of people information in the world is With its world-wide presence, look for a Singaporean or someone in or from Singapore (or someone who visited legally), this searchable database is a good place to start a quest for information about people and finding them.

This is a popular search tool because it's easy to use and contains a tremendous amount of information that may not reside elsewhere. Keep in mind that the search engine does not lookup information about people but gleans data from roughly thirty trillion websites so if information about the person being sought resides on a website somewhere in the world, it's possible that info can be found simply by searching the person's name or reverse searching a phone number or address.

Find Someone in Signapore How to Find Someone in Singapore

To get an idea of the scope of the types of websites the search engine has accessed and recorded, go to and type "People Search Singapore" and scroll through the list of sites. As a side note, any site(s) listed at the top of the search-results page with 'Ad' in front of the domain URL is there because the owner of the website paid Google for the top-of-the-page placement, hoping to attract website visitors and usually attempting to sell something - in this case, people information. If you're seeking free service at no charge, scroll down to listings with the Ad flag.

The types of websites listed are a cross section of websites found on the Internet, mainly job placement, business listings, social pages, forums, money-related, dating, government, travel and software.

In other words, there are plenty of places where information about someone in or from Singapore might reside on the WWW. Instead of visiting each site and hoping to find search functions, Google has already done the leg work and if it exists, found information about the person sought. To see what Google has in store simply enter the person's name in the search box and press Enter (or click on the spyglass icon).

If there are too many results, the number of possibilities can be reduced by placing the name in quotations or by using a more complete name including a middle initial or name. Adding a prefix or suffix to the name might help to bring up specific results.


Intelligence about people gets onto websites in 2 basic ways: 1) They volunteer their information in profiles on social and dating sites, online job applications and other types of destinations like listings of homes for sale, voter registration and classified ads, or 2) the data was placed there by an entity that had interaction with the person, like police arrests and parol records, lists of convicts and offenders, news articles, movies, music and celebrities, politicians and so on.

Most websites are 'searchable' in that either a search function is provided or a site may be searched by entering this in the browser's search box: ' Eddie Rawling'. (There needs to be spaces as they are shown in the example.)

Another way to search a website historically is to use the 'Wayback Machine' at which has been storing words from websites since 2001. (The data however is very sketchy.)

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