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Find Someone in South America Find Someone in South America

The most common and effective way to find someone in or from South America is to use the major 100% free search services and peoples' names as search parameters.

People in South America have relocated to other countries, but those people are primarily the poorer of the population which wouldn't have had much of a presence on the Internet but there are websites devoted to 'missing people' from South American countries as well as local reporting agencies for finding people in and from South America.

People get added to online databases in a number of ways:

With today's super computers, it's mostly not necessary to know which database to seek when looking for people in South America because the very large search-finder engines will locate most databases that aren't blocked by webmasters.

The first step in finding someone from the region would be to employ the free search services offered by the major search providers. Type a name in the search box. Vary the name to see different results. Put names within quote marks to focus on a specific name. Finding someone in South America could be just that easy.

South America Address Search South America Address Search

Searches that lookup people based upon address are referred to as 'reverse searches'. For example, using an address as the search parameter in a major search engine might locate people or businesses associated (presently or in the past) with the address.

Email addresses can be searched in reverse. Although people have become more protective of their email addresses, many are still found and registered by search engines and can be used to find people or businesses that may have used the addresses.

Any other numbers and letters can be used to find related information. Search 'Colombia University class of 2015' to possibly find references to members of that class. Search an employer's name. Maybe append a department name - to see if names of employees are found.

South America Image Search South America Image Search

Facial recognition improves with each passing day. Search engines become more proficient at finding matches (or close matches) to images - of peoples' faces, objects, works of art - just about anything.

Images of people can be new or old. Age doesn't matter except that technology so far isn't capable of looking at a person's picture taken at age 15 and find the person today at age 50. Instead, the search service will find images comparable to the target pic.


People in South America can be found using major search engines if, one way or another, information about people resides in at least one database that is open to public search. Not every bit of data has been gleaned because of the sheer number of webpages in the world combined with the limitations of search-engines' ability to find and index it all, but they are 'working on it'.

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