Switzerland People Search
Switzerland People Search

Information about Swiss in and from Switzerland is available online completely free using several search finder services. Find records on forum posts, news articles, social profiles including names, addresses and phone numbers.

Find A Someone In Switzerland How To Find Someone In Switzerland

Finding someone in or from Switzerland can be as simple as entering the person's first and last name in any search engine that compiles data on individuals in Switzerland and around the world. (People move, migrate, vacation, join the military, Peace Corp, etc - plenty of reasons why information might be located about Swiss internationally).

Each search engine will have much of the same information as the others but may have the Swiss sought that another database may not have. Try less popular services like DuckDuckGo, Ask, AOL Search, Lycos and HotBot Lookup.

Vary the search parameters to broaden or narrow search results. Searching an uncommon name like 'Federer' may return a few results while searching for Ursula Andress may return fewer. On the other hand looking only for 'Mullers' at search.ch returns 2 point seven million listings with twenty-one thousand four hundred twenty-seven webpages having Müllers in them.

When searching for a common name 'Gerber' narrow the results by including a middle initial or name. Reduce the number of listings further by encapsulating the name entry in double quotation marks like "Hans Noah Gerber" for example.

Adding additional parameters to the search query can also help to pinpoint a Swiss person. Commonly a name of a town where the person might have lived, the name of a school or university, a place of employment will help to qualify search results.

English in Switzerland Is English Spoken in Switzerland?

The Swiss people speak French, German, Italian and Romansh but in any language names are spelled the same so searching for a person using 'Switzerland' as a search qualifier can return webpages with matching names (or close matches) in different dialects.

In today's people-search services language translation in no longer as issue as many sites provide links to 'translate the page' - even from Chinese and Japanese to English; however, as of this writing, Google has no translator for Romansh - a holdover from the old days of Latin.

To locate people in Switzerland try using the Swiss' search engine: search.ch. (The country abbreviation for Switzerland is 'CH' derived from the old Confoederatio Helvetica (Helvetic Confederation).)

The 'Extended Search' feature allows for adding additional search terms to 'people' like canton, city, first name, last name, phone number, sector/occupation and street address.

Clicking on 'More' on the main menu leads to a handy peoplesearch tool named 'Tips and Tricks' which activates helpful popup instructions when accessing fields and links within the page.

Criminal Public Records Search Switzerland Public Criminal Records

Information for obtaining peoples' criminal records extracts is available at the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) website, e-service.admin.ch.

Along with the influx of migrants in recent years, Switzerland developed a separate "special excerpt" in 2015 to specifically address the growing issue of 'activities involving regular contact with minors or people requiring special protection'.

This move coincides with a survey showing that the public's distrust of a certain ethnic immigrant people doubled from 2016 to 2018.

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