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Find Phone Numbers by Names in Turkey

The completely free Istanbul telephone directory of course would be the largest archive of phone numbers for Turks but there doesn't appear to be a searchable resource online for locating information. Searching 'Telephone Directory Turkey' only brings up websites alleging to provide telephone numbers but they are only click bait leading to 'directories' charging for business listings. Wikipedia mentions the country's calling code (90) and lists all the area codes - but no phone numbers (as expected).

Turktelekom.com.tr is the telephone service provider but even on that site there in only a search function for help.

There is a Telephone Directory/Enquiries at 11833.

These numbers may be called for the indicated purposes:

Looking further only this has been uncovered: "Internet services at home TTNET A.S. by, Mobil services TT Mobil Iletisim Hiz. A.S, home phone services are provided by Türk Telekomünikasyon A.S. offered by. Türk Telekom® brand is a joint brand of Türk Telekom Group companies."

Dubious Offer For People Search In Turkey

The owner of a website (jmmpi) hosts a webpage named people-search-turkey.htm with a header of 'People Search Turkey - Find someone in Turkey' on which he alleges that finding someone in Turkey is "difficult... without local contacts':

"...investigations of any kind in Turkey are not easy due to the local circumstances. Also the political conditions complicate the search for the address of a person."

Nonsense. English is commonly spoken in Turkey and of the population of about eighty-two million, sixty-two million are on the Internet, offering personal information about themselves and/or exposed by agencies in the business of maintaining public records on Turks, so language is not an issue and with 65.6% of Turks 'online', finding someone in Turkey is a whole lot more easy than finding someone in Afghanistan.

Clearly the purpose of the claim is to discourage Internet users from trying to peoplesearch Turks online and paying for a private detective but interestingly, following the link to 'private investigators' leads to a page promoting gumshoes in Germany.

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