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There are millions of people around the world who have something to hide and until the Internet came along, many of them were successful in keeping their backgrounds hidden. No more Jack. If data about a person is stored in a database that is connected to the Internet and not purposely blocked from public access, secrets can be found in a surprisingly significant number of ways.

On the other hand, there are millions of people who want to be found and they have readily offered information about themselves to the search gods, like offerings at the alter of Google and the like. Duh, well, now everyone with a cell phone or computer can see where people have been, which schools they attended, who their family members and friends are. If search engines and social sites had presented a warning before inviting people to share their personal details, most people would not have been so quick to pony up who they are, what they know and where they can be found.

World People Finders World People Finders

But people did share their information, making them 'findable' simply by entering their names and/or information about them in the search-finder boxes of search services like the major search engines and social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Today's revelations of personal information extends way beyond name address and phone number. Current databases of people information include pictures of what they looked like in the past and what they look like now. The data includes videos, much of which some people wish didn't exist or is 'deletable' but not. Like a crease in a man's trousers, the evidence is there to remain. Showed your ass at your brother's wedding reception. Got it. Starred in a porn vid. It will live way beyond your years. Snap. Those family vids of you and your ex? Eternal life.

World Searches for People World Searches for People

Because today's search engines are so god like (omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent) peoples' faces, personal information and hidden details are plastered on WWW billboards for all to see. All ya gotta do is plunk relevant letters and characters into a search-engine search field and press Enter. It's truly amazing how difficult it has become to hide closet content.

Today it's not necessary to search for people from England using a regional data service germane to England. If the bloke is from or resides in that country, he could be located anywhere in the world in any of the major search engines simply because the long arm of search-engine spiders (robots) can reach out and touch every corner of the world.

Go to your preferred search tool, enter some key data and search the world to find someone. It's just that easy.

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Q.T. details reside in online data sources that aren't routinely thought of when conducting world searches for people:


The technological advancements of today's world have laid a ton of information at our fingertips. The amount of information in the world and the accessibility to it are nothing short of miraculous. This way beats trucking down to the local library, thumbing through index cards, pulling books, flipping pages for a morsel of information that is as old as the book in which it resides. Today we have fresh information appearing immediately on our screens. Awesome.

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