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If information about people in and from Columbia has appeared on the Internet it's probable that we can find people using international and/or regional search engines.

Lookup people in Columbia and the world using any of the completely 100% free people-search services listed on this page. Part of the reason for 'totally free' is that the search services usually only contain information placed there by others where paid services access online records that are not in control of individuals like driver records, voting records, etc. (video

One caveat is that ppl often enter forum and blog contributions using anonymous identities but nonetheless many 'real names' appear in the databases of these search engines.

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An easy advanced people search in Colombia that can be over-looked but has become more popular is to look up a person or address or reverse phone number in major search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. These search giants have added literally millions of names from websites, blog and forum pages and have accumulated a very large store of names from those resources.

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A true People Finder for Columbia is WikiAnswers (for famous people from CO). George Shakira is from Barranquilla. Juan Montoya (Formula One driver) and first sculptor Botero are from Colombia as well as soccer players Elysees Valderrama and Faustino Asprilla. The poverty level in Colombia has kept much of its populace from gaining WWW access but with such a large class division in the country, most of the Colombians to be found in Internet resources would be in the upper class.

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Circumstances have forced many people from Colombia to flea the country. If you can't locate someone in Columbia, try regional search site for Central America, Mexico, Brazil, Peru.

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