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England Search Free England People Search Engines

Several websites provide totally free searches now for people in England which can return their phone numbers and local addresses - "Can" because success largely depends upon:

The typical 'free-people-search-engine' strategy for England is to return a limited amount of information on Englanders located as a way of teasing site visitors into paying for more details. Such sites might also make money by displaying ads (including those annoying pop-up ads) or linking to other sites for referral fees.

Information about the people in and from England must be submitted to at least one searchable online database for the information to be found, or info must be in a public record that is accessible online.

Find People by Name Find People by Name in England Fast

A likely place to find people fast in or from England is in the UK electoral roll which has recorded information about people who are registered to vote. The data may include current and former addresses and the names of the people residing at the location.

Most searches allow for the input of a person's first and last name as well as a general location (ranging from a broad parameter like 'England' to a more specific locale like region, county, district or parish). England postal codes are infrequently used as narrowing criteria that specifically often returns no entries.

Entering a complete name (first, middle and last or middle initial) should produce fewer matches while entering only a last name will return several possibilities - useful for people who might have used a variety of forms of their names (Susan, Suzanne, Suzy, Susie, Sue), changed their names (marriage) and who may have changed addresses a few or several times. If a person is found from a broad (last-name) search, try entering the exact name that was found as another search attempt (in the current database and on other search sites). Search your own name in England.

What is the best free search engine to find a person?

The best free search engine for finding someone is the one which finds relevant data about the person sought and brings that information to the forefront of search where the data can be easily found and accessed.

Clearly the best free search engine will vary from search to search as every search engine differs in how it gathers, records and ranks data from websites.

Depending upon the search target (the person) the 'best search engine' might be any of the major search services or it might be a local people finder concentrating on information about people from a specific country, region or even business or some group of people.

How To Trace Someone For Free

Use the search function above to trace a person in England. This free United Kingdom people tracing is provided by British Telecomm. Search in London, Birmingham, Nottingham...

100% Free People Finder UK

In the UK, Great Britain's Telecomm Service serves over 21 million corporate and residential people with more than 28 million exchange lines, as well as providing people-finder services to other licensed operators.

British Tech's Group strategy is to create value for shareholders through being the best provider of communications services and solutions for everybody in the UK and England, and for corporate people in Europe, achieving global reach through partnership.

Find Someone In England How To Find Someone In England by Address

More often than not phone numbers and residential addresses of famous people, politicians and someone holding office in England will not be found searching most public databases as such people go to great lengths to keep their personal contact information private.

The England Electoral Roll is a repository of people registered to vote in the England. It is not a free service to find someone: 'We provide searches to individuals and businesses of the Electoral Roll, Property Ownership, Electoral Register, Consented Consumer Data, Marriages and Deaths. An enhanced roll provides the address of any voter and the names of someone at the address. Find a friend, relative or missing person by forename, full name, surname or by address and postcode."

Find a Person by Name in the UK for Free

Searching Google for 'find a person by name UK for free' will display websites at the top of the SERP (search engine page) with a small green rectangle with rounded corners with the word 'Ad' inside. The search engine does not prohibit non-free sites from appearing for requests for free websites so know that search services paying Google to appear first in the search probably charge for their people searching services. Scroll down on the search page to find non-paid entries.

Sites appearing as non-paid won't necessarily be 'free' either and those appearing first aren't appearing higher up in the search because they have better or free services for finding people. They are higher in the search for over 200 reasons that allegedly exist is Google's algorithm which determines search position. Any site appearing high is search results hasn't been evaluated by search engines for anything other than relevancy to the people-search query. Products and services offered by the site owner haven't been examined and certainly are not endorsed by search services.

All that aside, website developers with something to sell learned long ago that the word 'free' is right up there with other popular search words when attracting people to their websites so it's also likely that any listing claiming to provide 'free search services' will follow the typical pattern of providing a simple search not returning much information or accurate information followed by a 'paid version' promoting more accurate details about your target. Once people venture into those waters, it becomes necessary to read through tediously lengthy 'terms of service' to see how people are going to be charged if they do this or that. One site for example offers a 95c search but requires membership and if people quit the membership within 7 days, the 95c search becomes a charge 10x greater. If people go beyond 7 days they're hooked into recurring payments so in essence there is no '95c-search' as advertised.

England People Finders

Google offers a relatively new search function for people finders in England: search by image. Open a browser and navigate to, or on the main Google search page click on 'Images' in the upper right corner to arrive at the same destination, 'Google Images'. On the right in the search box are 3 icons for searching by picture, voice or text. To search by pic, click on the camera icon and either paste a URL of an image or choose to upload an image from a local drive. Keep in mind that the search will be for the exact photo offered and if/when no match is found, close matches will be displayed under 'Visually similar images'. Some webpages may be displayed of sites that have approximately similar images. This is new technology under development, probably not (yet) based upon facial recognition so 'similar images' could be not even close.

Approximately thirty-three million Englanders have voluntarily submitted their personal information to Facebook, making the latter a trove of information available through its search function. Facebook's searchs are also 'near miss' (close match) sorry just entering a last name will return several possibilities. Entering a first name or a maiden name may help to narrow the focus. Some identifiers that aren't readily apparent are credentials (MD, DDS, CPA), website URLs or content and past residential addresses.

Paid Sources of Online People Search

While a free search engine or advanced people search website in England will find information such as their public profile or any website and business they may own, not much else is available. No matter how hard you search solutions for finding peoples' current contacts, employers, email and physical addresses lie with paid online people search. Incorporating data assessment tools and background checking techniques, paid online ppl search will provide:

Hidden costs can crop up during a paid online people search. The listed price for specific amounts of inside information and sensitive tidbits advertised may turn out to be the same report a free online people search provides.

People Search Background Check in England

'People search' has always been at the top of the popularity polls of online activities and that has spurned literally thousands of people getting involved in digging up info morsels to feed prying web surfers.

Checks can be valuable to people considering relationships with others for romance, employment and investing, to name a few of the most common sought-after reports.

Government Databases

The English government maintains a database search for all people working at the federal level. Welfare providers also have extensive records of all the people they support. The state department's immigration and nationality department have records for all such people.

When searching in Google for people in England, a site appears offering search by aerial photos, birth, marriage & death register, complete address, full name, other household people and phone numbers. To see how people with websites intend to make money, the suggested name (John Smith) and location (London) were entered, producing a healthy number of people with a disclaimer.

The queen owns Canada and the UK so those are logical places to look for people from England.

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