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Several websites provide totally free searches now for people in England which can return their phone numbers and local addresses. "Can" because success largely depends upon:

The typical 'free-people-search-engine' strategy for England is to return a limited amount of information on Englanders located as a way of teasing site visitors into paying for more detailed results. Such sites might also make money by displaying ads (including those annoying pop-up ads) or linking to other world sites that pay a commission for referring a buyer.

Information about the people in and from England must be submitted (placed) at least once on a searchable online database in order for the information to exist (in e-form) where it can be found by search robots*, or info must be in a public record that is accessible online. No record for a person can appear in an Internet database without their information having been placed there or where databases draw their data, either by himself or herself or by another.

Find People by Name Find People by Name in England Fast

A likely place to find people in or from England is in the UK electoral roll which has recorded information about people who are registered to vote in the United Kingdom. The data may include current and former addresses and the names of the people residing at the location along with their dates of birth and phone numbers (when available). Even criteria related to deceased people may be in the database if deaths weren't recent or haven't been reported.

Most searches allow for the input of a person's first and last name as well as a general location (ranging from a broad parameter like 'country' to a more specific locale like region, county, district or parish). England postal codes are infrequently used as narrowing criteria that specifically often returns no entries.

Entering a complete name (first, middle and last or middle initial) should produce fewer matches while entering only a last name will return several possibilities - useful for people who might have used a variety of forms of their names (Susan, Suzanne, Suzy, Susie, Sue), changed their names (marriage) and who may have changed addresses a few or several times. If a person is found from a broad (last-name) search, try entering the exact name that was found as another search attempt (in the current database and on other search sites).

Search your own name in England. (Don't worry if your name appears in the obits. It's not you!)

How To Find Someone's Address

More often than not phone numbers and residential addresses of famous people, politicians and others holding office will not be found searching most public databases as such people go to great lengths to keep their personal contact information private.

Reverse Search Reverse Search by Phone Number

On websites providing reverse searches for England, it is possible to enter a phone number to search for the person or business to whom the number is assigned or registered.

As with people, phone numbers must have been picked up by a search robot in order for them to be 'findable' in an information repository.

Best results are achieved when using landline or quasi permanent telephone numbers as opposed to cell-phone digits because the former tend to be more static than transient cell #s that either change frequently or never existed long enough for them to be picked up on the worldwide web. Business numbers tend to have more longevity than personal ones simply because people are more transient than companies.

Excluding the NSA ;) by far Google sports the largest store of data on people, making it the most popular 'search engine' for looking up all things personal including phone numbers. Google your own phone number to see what comes up. Google those of family and friends in several search sites to compare availability and accuracy. Once a reliable source has been located, press the control key + D to bookmark the page to find it easily the next time a phone number needs to be reversed.

Reverse Address Search Reverse Address Lookup UK

Address reverse look up works the same way as phone-number reverse. Enter a complete address on a website offering reverse address search like and

Be aware that in searching for websites that provide reverse searches that listings appearing at the very top of the SERPs (search-engine return pages) are usually advertisements placed there by the website owner (like Google). The sites represented by ads rarely provide free searching at no charge and if they do the results are substantially limited and only serve as teasers to paid assistance.

An address search on Whitepages returned a surprisingly detailed set of data:

The data of course is offered with an agenda which suggests purchasing "the full story and access public records with background check reports powered by SmartCheck".

People Search Background Check

Online background checks and services can be surprisingly comprehensive - as compared to results of just 10 years ago. 'People search' has always been at the top of the popularity polls of online activities and that has spurned literally thousands of people getting involved in digging up info morsels to feed prying web surfers.

As years have passed pen and paper outfits like county court houses, government agencies and police departments exposed their hidden facts by 'computerizing' - placing their archive secrets online for all to see.

Checks can be valuable to people considering relationships with others for romance, employment and investing, to name a few of the most common sought-after reports.

What is the best free search engine to find a person?

Google search engine searches not only among the actual data but also in archives. In this way, you can find your family members and your ancestors. There is a function of creating a family tree. Moreover, this platform stores a large number of historical documents, presented in the form of scans or digitized files. Before you start working in the system, you must sign up. Registration takes only a couple of minutes and consists of entering a password and email. After that, you only need to enter the name to start processing the data. At the output, you will have all the suitable files.

100% Free People Finder UK

At you can run a check on yourself as well as others. (Actually that is a 'landing page' for to which you would be redirected if you pursue a search.)

Heads up. The deeper you care to dig, the more it might cost. Bits of data are spoon fed, each with a price tag for potentially learning more. Perhaps it's worthwhile if you find what you're looking for whether it be peace of mind, avoiding heartache or financial loss.

One thing for sure: The Internet has spawned a green slime which blankets the WWW with every conceivable con game imaginable.

How To Trace Someone For Free

BT London is one of England's leading providers of telecommunications services. Its principal activities include local, national and international services in the United Kingdom, higher-value broadband and Internet products and services, and IT solutions.

Use the search function above to trace a person in England. This free United Kingdom people tracing is provided by British Telecomm. Search in London, Birmingham, Nottingham...

In the UK, Great Britain's Telecomm Service serves over 21 million corporate and residential customers with more than 28 million exchange lines, as well as providing network services to other licensed operators.

British Tech's Group strategy is to create value for shareholders through being the best provider of communications services and solutions for everybody in the UK and England, and for corporate customers in Europe, achieving global reach through partnership.

BT consists principally of four lines: Retail, Wholesale, Global Search Services and People Great Britain.

Currently there are no online services for searching England for cell phone numbers, toll-free numbers or unlisted telephone numbers. The usual searches for reverse phone search, reverse email address search and reverse address look up are available from several online sources. These functions may also be performed using People Search Global's WebSeekPro search software.

How To Find Someone In The UK

The UK Electoral Roll is a repository of people registered to vote in the United Kingdom. It is not a free service: 'We provide searches to individuals and businesses of the Electoral Roll, Property Ownership, Electoral Register, Consented Consumer Data, Marriages and Deaths. An enhanced roll provides the address of any voter and the names of others at the address. Find a friend, relative or missing person by forename, full name, surname or by address and postcode. You can use the data for your own use. You may not sell or rent the info. You cannot integrate this service without written agreement. We understand that information will not be used maliciously or illegally. The right is reserved to block any account holder who provides false information.' They add, "On average, individuals move every seven years."

The HM Land Registry is a non-ministerial government department created in 1862 that registers the ownership of 85% of the land and property in England and Wales. It operates as a trading fund and an executive agency.

Find a Person by Name UK for Free

Searching Google for 'find a person by name UK for free' will display websites at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) with a small green rectangle with rounded corners with the word 'Ad' inside. The search engine does not prohibit non-free sites from appearing for requests for free websites so know that search services paying Google to appear first in the search results probably charge for their people searching services. Scroll down on the search results page to find non-paid entries.

Sites appearing as non-paid won't necessarily be 'free' either and those appearing first aren't appearing higher up in the search results because they have better or free services. They are higher in the search results for over 200 reasons that allegedly exist is Google's algorithm which determines search position. Any site appearing high is search results hasn't been evaluated by search engines for anything other than relevancy to the search query. Products and services offered by the site owner haven't been examined and certainly are not endorsed by search services.

All that aside, website developers with something to sell learned long ago that the word 'free' is right up there with other popular search words when attracting attention to their websites so it's also likely that any listing claiming to provide 'free search services' will follow the typical pattern of providing a simple search not returning much information or accurate information followed by a 'paid version' promoting more accurate details about your target. Once you venture into those waters, it becomes necessary to read through tediously lengthy 'terms of service' to see how you're going to be charged if you do this or that. One site for example offers a 95c search but requires membership and if you quit the membership within 7 days, the 95c search becomes a charge 10x greater. If you go beyond 7 days you're hooked into recurring payments so in essence there is no '95c-search' as advertised.

Surprisingly the very biggest of all people databases containing the most information that is free and accurate is Google. Search using a first and last name. If the results are narrow enough (too many returns) add a middle initial or middle name or put double quotes around the search phrase. Outside the quotes add more information that might help pinpoint the target like city and/or district, school attended, employer names, organizations, etc.

How Can I Find Someone For Free In The UK?

Google offers a relatively new search function: search by image. Open a browser and navigate to, or on the main Google search page click on 'Images' in the upper right corner to arrive at the same destination, 'Google Images'. On the right in the search box are 3 icons for searching by image, voice or text. To search by image, click on the camera icon and either paste a URL of an image or choose to upload an image from a local drive. Keep in mind that the search will be for the exact photo offered and if/when no match is found, close matches will be displayed under 'Visually similar images'. Some webpage results may be displayed of sites that have approximately similar images. This is new technology under development, probably not (yet) based upon facial recognition so 'similar images' could be not even close.

Approximately thirty-three million Englanders have voluntarily submitted their personal information to Facebook, making the latter a trove of information available through its search function. Facebook's search results are also 'near miss' (close match) sorry just entering a last name will return several possibilities. Entering a first name or a maiden name may help to narrow the focus. Adding other identifying or related information like schools attended, employers or places of business and even relatives may help to find a rabbit hole to jump into. Some identifiers that aren't readily apparent are credentials (MD, DDS, CPA), website URLs or content and past residential addresses. If the info was entered into Facebook by the person being sought, it should be retrievable using the search function.

Paid Sources of Online People Search

While your free search engine or advanced people search website will find information such as their public profile or any website and business they may own, not much else is available. No matter how hard you search solutions for finding a target person's current contacts, addresses, employment, or their location lie with paid online people search. Incorporating data assessment tools and background checking techniques, paid online people search will provide:

Some pricing you may encounter is not only questionable but misleading, and hidden costs can crop up during your paid online people search. The listed price you will see for specific amounts of inside information and sensitive tidbits advertised may turn out to be the same report your free online people search provides. While you may go with the point of the sale price, marketing practices that some paid people search resources are known for include:

  1. Placing emphasis on stars and horoscopes especially for finders of romantic interests, which makes illegitimate an otherwise serious people finding service
  2. Scare tactics that a report contains disturbing and unexpected information which misleads you into subscribing
  3. Subscription-only membership means you can't just buy your report once-off and leave

Paid Services

If nothing works out and your search is not turning up any information in your venture to find your lost friend, then the last option for you is to go for paid services. The following are the most famous searching facilities you can acquire to find the military buddy.

  • The Nationwide Locator: This is the paid military personnel locating service which is run by the retired army officer Richard Johnson. This service only requires first name, last name, and approximation of date of Birth. In return, the search engine provides you with a list of names with phone numbers and addresses. You can try your luck on this service because the database of Nationwide Locator is colossal. The fee for this service is round about thirty dollars.
  • VetFriends: You can acquire this service and get your desired results to find military buddy by providing first name, last name, and military branch. The subscription starts at approximately 10 dollars a month.

    Hire a Private Investigator for Search

    When you have been in search of a person for long, it is proper that you might want to exhaust all possible means of finding them. You can decide to hire someone to assist you with the search. Before you do this, you should be sure that you try other ways first.

    Hiring a private detective to hunt for an individual is costly, and you need to think about all the possible outcomes of a search.



    Government Databases

    The US government maintains a database for all its federal employees, and so do state or county municipalities. Welfare providers also have extensive records of all the individuals they support, and this can be subpoenaed by authorized agencies. The state department's immigration and nationality department have records for all foreigners, except maybe for illegal aliens.

    When searching in Google for people in England, a site appears offering search by aerial photos, age guides, birth, marriage & death register, complete address, full name, other household occupants, phone numbers and property prices. To see how the website owner intends to make money, the suggested name (John Smith) and location (London) were entered, producing a healthy number of possible matches and sure enough, this message was presented: "While directory enquires on is free, to view premium information such as directors reports or company financials and structures, you need to register and get some credits. It just takes a few minutes." Well, 'time' isn't a consideration much less a determining factor so 'just a few minutes' is a nonstarter. 'Premium information' is might be useful IF the person offered is the person sought and IF there's enough utility to make the purchase worthwhile. Not digging into the 'terms and conditions' but the typical ruse on this type of website is the requiring of payment prior to delivery of the information then some lock down on the payment that doesn't allow a refund even if the information is unuseful or even bogus. Oh what the heck, let's delve into the 'terms' if only for illustrative purposes and a chuckle:

    That's sufficient to exemplify the nature of such websites. They are commonly referred to as 'throw-away' services and rely upon a stream of one-time users donating at least one payment PRIOR to making a determination as to whether the product (information) is satisfactory or not. This is a good example of search engines not evaluating websites based upon value to the end user but solely based upon how skilled the website owner is at convincing the search bot that the site is relevant to the search phrase used, like 'People Search England'. No one at any search engine is diving into user terms to find price traps and illegal activity.

    Have you ever just wished that you had a better way of finding people. While Google is good for certain things unless the person is famous you will have no avail. Finding Spock is hard because if you Google it you will just get Star Trek references. This doesn't help you to get what you need from the platform. However if you type in Spock Search you can find it. Aside from the fact that Spock doesn't rank high in listings with its name you can use it if you get invited to use it. People who have used it report that they can find famous people easily and others with moderate ease. Technorati is a SYNACOR brand. You have the option when you go to the site of setting it as your homepage. They will list the top web searches on there. They also have news sports and entertainment suggestions at the click of the button. It is a search page like Google. However when you do search you will get more prestigious sources of information at the top. If you are sick of Google with its ad-driven rankings you will find that Technorati will give you all of the results that actually matter if you are a professional needing accurate information. The plus too is that it doesn't have those pesky ads in the corner.

    Wikipedia is a site that really gives you an online encyclopedia. When I was in school I wrote a third-year paper on how Wikipedia should be allowed as a university source. It's a free source for those writing any journalism which is a plus. However the difficult part of Wikipedia is knowing that people just added their knowledge to the collection. There is certainly quoting but there is no vetting of the people that do the quoting. All in all it's sort of a place for you to get your bearings on a subject matter. It certainly is vast though and I would say the editors do a good job of getting rid of the misinformation on it before it does much damage in the public sphere.

    English Crest

    *Robot? A search-engine 'robot' (crawler, bot, spider) is a software program which accesses websites for the purpose of gathering information to build peoplesearch databases. The software navigates from one resource to another by following links (hyperlinks) which are placed (most commonly) on web pages by webmasters or designers intentionally to refer to other websites and resources.

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