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Ethiopia People Search

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War and famine have forced Ethiopians to seek better living conditions so they've spread far and wide, leaving no trail to find them in their new locations simply because their migrations haven't been committed to electronic searchable databases.

Regardless, of those people from Ethiopia who have or had Internet access and the desire to make themselves known on that platform, it's nonetheless possible to locate people who have a WWW presence.

Surprisingly searching 'how many Facebook profiles in Ethiopia' reports that five point seven million Ethiopians have user accounts. With a population of one hundred nine million, that's still only 5% participating in the otherwise very popular social platform once again reiterating that most people from Ethiopia just are not search-finder friendly.

Ethiopia Birth, Marriage, Death Ethiopia Birth, Marriage and Death Records

UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) has a made a valiant effort of providing a functioning civil registration system of all vital data related to births, marriages and deaths in Ethiopia (and many other countries). Data is provided by topic and country as well as via a powerful search function for locating people information recorded in its massive data store. However, because so few people in Ethiopia are known to the Internet archive, few Ethiopians can be found using this search service.

"UNICEF is the world's leading source of completely free data on children and maintains databases of hundreds of international valid and comparable indicators. With such a wealth of information available, the Data Warehouse has been designed to allow easy access to those indicators across a range of countries, with some datasets spanning back decades."

Ethiopia Local Search Ethiopia Local Search

Searching for local registrars of information about people is not only scarce but nonexistent largely because the general population has greater concerns than likes and shares: survival, subsistence, safety...

Searching for people in and from Ethiopia and surrounding areas - If they aren't politicians, government employees or people of some notoriety, shoe leather may be required to lookkup people. That isn't a theme of this webpage but a fact that articulates the deplorable conditions that exist in Ethiopia. Try Kenya and Uganda


People from Ethiopia have fled the harse living conditions and crossed over to neighboring countries but such migration isn't organized, supervised or recorded. Finding someone if or from Ethiopia isn't an Internet activity that's likely to succeed in locationg Ethiopians no matter where they are from or where they went.

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