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Find Someone in Europe How Can I Find Someone in Europe?

With a population of nearly seven hundred forty-eight million, Europe is a very large place to find someone in all of Europe but given the computing power, capacity and efficiency of large search engines, most information stored online anywhere about people has likely been found and recorded by Google et. al..

People-finder search services have made it incredibly easy to locate a person in such a large hay stack. In any engine's search box, type or copy/paste basic search words related to the people being sought, like names, email or physical addresses or 'tracking numbers' and press Enter. Doing so accesses huge stores of records nearly instantaneously and presents a list of possible (close if not exact) matches to the search parameters. Astounding.

With a little practice, search results can be refined by using 'filters' which are words and characters included in the search effort to 'filter out' undesirable and/or unrelated returns in the search listings.

For example, Chrome includes an option to display one hundred titles and descriptions of websites on a SERP (Search-Engine Results Page) which in turn makes it possible to use the control key plus F to search only that page for a search string. This is of particular value to a website owner wishing to see where his or her website falls in the list of websites.

Lookup People in Europe Lookup People in Europe on Social Sites

All kinds of information can be looked up about people in Europe on social media sites like Facebook (which has four million plus user profiles in Europa.

Most such sites require registration before their search functions can be accessed but once in, type some identifying information about someone in the search box and press Enter. In the case of FB, profiles that might match the people sought can include pictures of people (if people submitted images of themselves in their home page).

Ask 'How long would it have taken and at what expense for a government to collect and organize this much data on millions of people?'. Hundreds of millions of people have volunteered not only their personal contact information but likes and dislikes, associates, friends and family members along with apps and games, favorite books, movies, music, sports, TV shows, Videos, check-ins, events, groups, notes, questions and reviews. Other than creating the website and putting it out there, the gatherers of this much data didn't need to lift a finger.

European Union People Finders EU - European Union People Finders

The job of the Publications Office of the European Union ( in Luxembourg is to produce, publish and distribute legal and general documents of the institutions of the EU completely 100% free. That activity make a hoard of information about people and businesses available to the public in searchable websites and on paper and in electronic docs. If your man or woman is 'in the EU' he or she may be found using the search features at


Because the EU is comprised of technologically-advanced populations, information about people (and companies) can easily be located while sitting in front of a computer with Internet access. The shear magnitude of the amount of data available and its availability are nothing short or miraculous and taken for granted in the modern world. Finding someone is Europe has never been so easy.

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