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Ghana Facebook Users Ghana

Of the thirty-one million Africans populating Ghana, five million have Facebook pages, so one in six or about seventeen percentage of Ghananians may be found simply by attempting to look them up on that free website.

At the end of 2019 roughly twelve million people in Ghana were using the Internet so many have user profiles on dating sites, personal profiles on government websites, parishioners on church membership rolls and so on. (Most of those sites can be perused at no charge.) The majority of the website in which a Ghanaian might appear have likely been discovered and indexed by Google, making it the first stop on a quest to locate a friend, family member or acquaintance in or from Ghana.

Marriage Registrations

Beginning in 1985 Ghana law required that in order to be recognized by the state, marriages had to be 'registered', citing the date and place of the union, The names, ages, fathers, marital 'condition' of the participants, resident addresses prior to the occasion, information about witnesses and the name(s) of the presiding religious or government official.

Not all marriages are registered and few may have been registered prior to 1985, but mergers often took place in churches and church records may have matrimony records.

Ghana Public Records Finding People in Ghana Public Records Offline

Since 1960 the National Archive of Ghana was custodian for public documents of northern Ghana until the end of 1997 when it was assumed by the Ghana Public Records and Archives Administration in Accra. Their website ( states, our mission is "to preserve Ghana’s collective memory, provide public access by facilitating and overseeing the efficient management of records of all Public institutions and the Private sector using competent staff and modern technology.

When looking for ancestors and family lineages, the administration is the most likely place to trace information. It does appear that registration using an email address and password is required to access the site. It's often good practice to create a 'throw-away email address' when registering on sites - to prevent phishing of the email addresses for personal and business use.

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