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Want to locate someone from Kenya? Good luck with that lookup bro. Three million of them bailed and are living it up in 'the white world' - the United States, Germany - where the big bucks in medicine prevail.

Wikipedia: "The largest populations of Kenyans in the United States are located in Southern California, Massachusetts, and the greater Washington, D.C. area. (These are the most expensive places in the USA to live.) Many Kenyans are also established in Georgia and North Carolina, states with important health care centers."

Diaspora is an ambiguous word for (allegedly) the most valuable people of a nation (professionals) blowing off the people of their homelands for personal financial gain. 'Immigration' into countries like the US cripple other nations (except those whose nationals stream across the southern US border) by relocating their much-needed intelligent people abroad.

Leaders of improverished nations bark loudly at their 'traitors' for leaving their countrymen behind, but hey, who can resist the Krispy Kreme doughnuts to be found the the United States, those lucrative contracts, health insurance benefits, promises of riches and carpet on the floor?

Ok, so the dude or dudess departed. Where is he or she? Simple enough to crack open the completely free Google peoplesearch box and enter his or her name. Use first and last. If that returns too many results put the name in double quotation marks. That will return only those names which match the content withint the quotes.

Not enough returns? Nothing finding the person sought ? Make the search parameters more general: Instead of searching for 'Nelson Kingasunye' just enter Kingasunye with no quotes. That will produce more possible matches.

Do you have a picture, image or portrait of the person in question? If so, use Google's image search. Save a copy of the image to a drive on your computer, or make note of the website location (URL) where the image resides.

Open the Google search finder and enter the person's name. At the top of the page that comes up next, click on Images then click on the camera to the right of the search box. Two options will be available to either upload the image from your computer or paste the URL where the image resides.

The search results will open a page filled with images of people. As of today the display can be somewhat amusing because the accuracy of this type of research is as limited as is the current development of facial recognition - in its infacy and growing - but just not there yet.

If Kenyans can't be located in local searchs, look for them inEgypt and Mexico as three million Kenyans are ex-pats.

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