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How To Find Someone's Phone Number With Their Name In Nigeria

Fully 67% of the two hundred-five million people in Nigeria have Internet access and of those twenty-seven million have Facebook pages, making that site one of the best resources for free 'no charge' information about people in and from Nigeria, including the four hundred thousand or so living in the U.S.

Locating phone numbers on Facebook is possible but going to that site reveals that in order to use its search function, it's necessary to create a profile first. There are a couple of ways to search the site for Nigerians' profiles without using personal information:

  1. Create a new email address as a 'throw away'. Use that and anything but your real name (and information about yourself) to create a profile. Once logged into the site, use the search function at the upper left in the program.
  2. This method does not require a user profile: In the address bar of a browser enter '' followed by search parameters like peoples' names, names of organizations (like schools, hospitals, governments) - Many institutions have representations on this site.
  3. Google peoples' names and append 'facebook' then search. If there are too many returns (or none) add some qualifying information about them to the search string like 'Jack Jones facebook Kano'.

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In conclusion this peoplesearch website appears to be a total sham.

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