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Lookup people and businesses in South Africa at no charge. Find names, phone numbers, personality profiles and aliases, email and physical addresses of Africans and anyone who has lived in or visited ZA (legally).

With the Internet population explosion and peoples' apparent willingness to share their personal information and secrets online, there's a lot of details about a person that can be called up easily and quickly using completely freepeople-search websites.

The division between types of websites are 'free' and 'paid services'. The former tends to provide general information about people while the later can be more extensive, accessing birth, marriage and death records, arrest and parole histories, background checks, work resumes, property ownership, schools attended, special interests and so on.

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"If it's for free it's for me" is a slogan that website owners seize upon to attract site visitors (commonly referred to as 'click bait'). Those who take the bait are often disappointed to find that the amount of information located is scant or nonexistent and only serves to entice payment for additional details. Even 'no credit card required' can be nothing more than a lure to a site that is designed to steer users into paying for alleged informational details.

The truly free search resources are the major search engines followed by government databases, charities, schools, universities, wiki sites and religious organizations.

Conducting free searches for persons (and businesses) can be as simple as accessing search destinations like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo and using a 'search phrase' as the search criteria. In today's world, simple contact information (phone numbers, email and physical addresses, employment information) is recorded in such sources and is readily available without payment.

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In the second quarter of 2020, Facebook allegedly had two billion seven hundred millions active users with 'active' being the operative word - users who have logged in within the past thirty days. In some circles it's alleged that Facebook was created by or taken over by government agencies for the purpose of harvesting a trove of information about people - those who were taken in by 'user profiles' and spelled their beans about their identities, locations, schools attended, associates and friends, 'groups', histories, properties, websites and businesses owned, business hours, employment, political inclinations, phone numbers, email and physical addresses - down to books read, music preferences, shares, likes and marital status - all right with pictures and videos.

If it fact it was some spy agency behind the creation of this and other social peoplesearch platforms, the strategy is genius: Instead of spending millions of man hours attempting to get this kind of information and this much (honest) information out of 2.7 billion people would have been an enormous expense. Not! Many readily handed the information over in user profiles and communications with others.

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