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Find Someone in Uganda Find Someone in Uganda

As the Internet expands in Uganda, further reaches will have access and get around to making more information available in central places. For now the best bet for finding people in Uganda is using the major search engines search functions to locate someone by name, phone number and/or address.

Family Search in Uganda Family Search in Uganda

Not much turns up when using the Internet to search for family members in Uganda simply because the country has been too poor to develop an e-infrastructure.

Most of the people in Uganda also weren't into keeping records of family so even at the local level the amount of data available is pretty much restricted to people of British decent and Ugandan politicians and society. Oddly those most closely track in Uganda are people who were imprisoned. So many died from starvation and wars that no records are available.

Social Media in Uganda Social Media in Uganda

Social media hasn't caught on in Uganda. Of the thirty-five million people in Uganda, only 3.5% of the population is into Facebook so the amount of data from that source on someone remains limited. Most of the people using Facebook are men between 18-24 and it's a pretty good guess as to what they are searching for.

Find Local Information about People in Uganda Find Local Information about People in Uganda

Uganda has four administrative regions which contain one hundred eleven districts where birth, marriage and death records might be recorded. Many of the agencies are not 'online' and must be visited in person to view archives. Before going to the trouble, however, open and search for the name of the district followed by the type of record sought. As local politicians decide to commit data to computers, the amount of information about people that's retrievable online will increase as will tech giants' willingness to bring wider and faster availability of Internet access to more of the country, as Google did in 2013 by installing fiber-optic service in Kampala.

Many people from Uganda have fled the country, seeking asylum in mostly English-speaking countries like Australia, Canada, England and the USA. Lookup Ugandans in those countries as well.

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